Happy CNY.。

9:33:00 PM

Finally I have time to blog! HAHA. This whole week I'm just busy with gambling, eating and visiting my relatives. My schedule was so packed this week lolll. Yesterday I played mahjong with my aunty and cousin until 4am. Now you know how much I love mahjong?! HAHA. But today my aunties and cousin went back to KL already, so I'm free to blog now. :)

Same as previous years, reunion dinner we ate at home. So many food that day. Fat dieeeeeeeeeeeeee!

 My favourite soup!

 Fattttt arrr

 I love this too!!!

Oh Yeah! My sea cucumber!!

Total 10 dishes leh!! Nom nom~

I got no place to sit too leh! :-o

That day was also my cousin's birthday, so we celebrate with him after dinner.

Happy Birthday :D

 Cousin bro and my man! I mean my daddy :p

Other random photo :p
 Spot my lovely COKE? :D

Pink pineapple. So cute :)

Hmmm.. so that's it. HAHA :p Once again, Happy CNY guys :D

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