Tian Gong Celebration.。

4:13:00 AM

My CNY chor 1 look :D

Again, I dumped my blog aside. :( My friend said she don't wanna read my dead blog already! So I don't care what's the time now, I must post a lil update today. *Jc, continue reading my blog la please. haha

My family is Hokkiens so every year we also got 'bai tian gong'. It's on chor 9. I rushed back home after class, dad and mum was very worried about me that day because it was the first day we drive back to kampar ourself. :p

I personally think that the gold fish is so cute! lol

I'm acting as a cow that night, mooo mooo. HAHA

Daddy invited so many friends to come to our house. I do invite my friends too. :)

Me with the cute roasted pig. :))

This year we got 2 roasted pig leh. It was so tasty and crunchy! 

Tian Gong Celebration starts at 12am midnight. Me and sis is waiting for 12am!!

 And, finally 12am!

 Daddy and Mami :) Many people said I look alike with my mum, is it true?


 This was super loud!!!

 Me and Bf use around 15 minutes to prepare the tribute, but they burned it in a few second -.-

 My 3rd time lou sang in this year CNY :D

They played fireworks after that and my neighbour's house security alarm rang because it was too loud. HAHA.

So damn fast CNY ended :( I only get a few angpow this year! #DAMNEMO How about you? Wanna share some angpow $ with me? I'm so poor right now :(

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