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I still remember when I was a kid, I like to play shooting games with my dad when we went to arcade! Until now, I still like it! But now I usually play it with my bf, not my dad lol. I can aim and score very well! *I think I can la haha

I always wanted to shoot people in real life you know? I mean in arcade game, not the one with real gun and bullet. HAHA. 
I know I know, U might say that why don't I go for Paintball. You know why?? Because the name of it already freaked me out! PAINball wo. HAHA. 


Now, there's something that can make use of my true shooting skill! Which is Laser Battle!! It is an Indoor Laser Tag Arena in Malaysia. They are using the latest Laser Tag Gaming Technology.

So basically, we need to wear this ...

This is around 2.4kg. I feel that it is quite heavy for me at first but after that I'm ok with it. 
So, what you need to do is hold your gun, aim your opponents vest's sensor and "shoot" them. The sensors will detect the laser light from your laser gun. Promise no pain! Different part, different point. They have many kind of game, such as standard solo, standard team, base flags and so on. More than 40 games! 

Normal price is around RM18 per person but now they are having promotion. You can choose either RM13 for one game, RM23 for 2 games or RM50 for 5 games! You can keep your voucher if you can't manage to finish 5 games in one day. The voucher do not have expired date! Screaming?? haha. If its your birthday, you get to play for FREE all day long!!!

One game is around 10 minutes. You think 10 minutes is too short? It was for me at first like but then Nooooo! 10 minutes is more than enough to make you tired like hell. HAHA. You will just run non-stop inside the arena to avoid your opponents and to keep chasing them!  Oh, and keep shouting! HAHA. But thanks god there is air-conditioning!

This is how inside of the arena looks like....

They said the arena can accomodate 30 players, minimum 2 peoples but the place is not too big, I would suggest 15 to 18 peoples maximum in a game to make sure you have place to run and hide lol. That day we went we saw a lot of children playing there so I think I can bring my lil bro along next time haha. There's no age limitation for the game but make sure the child can afford the weight of the pack. 

About dress up, you can wear anything you want as long as you comfortable with it. Slippers not recommended since you need to run. FYI, It don't hurt you at all. If you were shot by your opponent, your gun will shuts down but it doesn't mean you can't play anymore, wait for 4 second and your gun will be reboot and you can shoot back the one who shoot you just now hahahaha. *Before you go in, check the gun you are holding, there is a name and it represent you, check your score outside after the game.

The first game we played, my bf got MVP with 8K score and 55% accuracy. He is damn pro in shooting too, because he always play FPS game. Cheater!! HAHA, during the game, I was no.6 within 12 people. But after tat, I won and got MVP all the way! HAHA. I told you! I can aim and shoot very well! The highest score I got is 8k+ ! They all were so shocked when they saw that :p After the game, the staff will help you take picture and they will upload to facebook so you can download there. :)

2 pictures taken in different day but I look the same. Same sweating hair, same pose, same smiling face and same black Tee! HAHA :P

This game is really fun for me, I believe it will be the same to you too. If you wanna keep fit, laser tag can also help you hahaha. I sweat like hell after the game! Gentle reminder, Don't just run and hide "blindly" to avoid accident. *My teeth got knocked by my opponent's gun! It was freaking pain!!! 

So,are you good in gaming? If yes, Come and challenge me! :p 

Laser Battle FACEBOOK
2nd Floor, Glamour Square Shopping Mall,
Bercham,31400 Ipoh, Perak.

Opening Hours:
11am to 1am (Sunday to Thursday)
11am to 2am (Friday to Saturday & Public Holidays)
*Access by elevator after 10pm from basement.*

*So detail leh this post! because many people asking me about it and so I answer all of it here :)

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