2012 To-Do List.。

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Happy New Year! This is my first post in 2012. First post in jaNEWary and so I wanna create a New To-Do list for myself  of what to achieve in 2012. At the end of the year 2012 I will check back and see what I have achieve in this year. Hope I can achieve at least half of them. :p

1. Save Money!
I'm poor like hell right now. I din buy much but I eat alot lot lot! I spent too much last year, din even save one sen. This year I need to start saving money, as much as I can!

2. Increase the stupid CGPA!
My cgpa now is just damn low! Need to increase it in this year! Can't fail any subject!

3. Keep my hair long!
I want my hair to be f.long! I always want to keep my fringe long but plan always failed! This year?? Must keep it longer. Change Style Change Style!

4.  Stop buying T-shirt!
I have too much T-shirt and I don't really like them, I don't really wear them! Some I never even touch and wear it, price tag still stick on them #fml Not no more T-shirt in my life but should be lesser. Control Control Control!

5. Only one toy in this year!  :(
Last year baby Lumix GF3 already make my purse a hole! So, only allow myself to buy only one new toy in this year. If can, don't buy any new toy! 

6. Sleep earlier!
My dark circle under the eyes already won the panda. Most of time I sleep around 2am and wakeup at about 2pm. My dark eyes circle is getting more and more serious and pimples keep popping out to visit me! I want baby skin like my lil bro!

7. Drink more water!
I'm a person who don't drink and don't like to drink water! Water tasteless and I hate it! I'm a super fans of Coke! But for my healthy and my skin, I want to drink more water and take lesser coke!

8. Diet!
I'm getting rounder, rounder and rounder! Need to cut down junk food, fast food and supper! I don't want to back to the old me!

9.  Update my blog always! :">
Last year I blogged about 35 posts, this year must improve. Keep my blog alive! Should blog around 60 posts in this year! Stop the laziness!

10. Drive More!
My driving skill totally sucks and that's why I seldom drive. Maybe 10 times in a year? My car got a lot of spider web. HAHA.

11. Love my bf more!
Buy him more present. This is what he force me to write. HAHA.

12. Keep my room clean always!
Alright, this is another thing my bf want me to write. I know my room is super messy! Since this is what he suggest me to write in my To-Do list so I think he will help me to complete this. Yeah! >:)

13. To complete a 10km marathon again!
I know, I know, I really get myself into this marathon thing although I'm having Thalassemia. I complete a Nike Run last year, and this year, I'm sure to do it again, just waiting for a suitable run. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!

Thirteen enough la I think. Don't write too much, incase I can't achieve them HAHA =))

*No.13 added by my bf! #wtf! 

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