Marina Bay Sands Hotel.。

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Its Dec, Jan coming soon and Im still bloging about Sept's stories. #wtf I am too lazy. I don't know why i always blog during exam week but i never blog during sembreak. I must blog as much as i can in this sembreak, at least finish the Raya Trip's posts, perhaps?

This post is actually the Part 1 of  Raya Trip #Day3 because story of the day is too long to blog in one post so i make it into 2 posts. ;)

#Day3 we wokeup early and prepared because we will go Universal Studio after breakfast. After finish preparing, we went to a bakery shop in Marina Bay Sands Hotel to buy our breakfast.

All the bread there are so cuteeee!!

 Me want!

I take myself :p

I want this, this, this and that please. HAHA

We bought some bread and took it to the top floor of the hotel, Sands SkyPark to have our breakfast with the beautiful view of Singapore. It's 57 storeys above the ground and the lift of the hotel is super fast loll.   

 This was mine.  Cherry Danish. So delicious!!

 Blueberry Danish.

Banana Chocolate Muffin. Bf said it taste nice :)

With Chew family :) .  Im fat! #fml

Then, we took photo around there.

The view from the swimming pool is just so awesome!

 With Bf :x

Spot my SpiderMan T-shirt? B-)


My top photo of the day! 

Pig mouth :-*

After shooting session, we went back to out hotel room and pack our thing, prepare to check out.

Finished packing, camwhore again. LOL

 Aunty laugh so happy :p *back view of my SpiderMan T 

Again #LIKEABOSS :))

And then check out, and then to be continued :p

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

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