Petaling Street Warriors.。

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Bye NOV, Hi DEC! Bye Assignments , Hi Study Week :( It's the last month of the year. Sooo fast! Can't wait for the holiday and then CNY!! :D

Today is the 3rd day of Dec and im going to blog about a movie that had been released at the first day of DEC, 1 DEC 2011 which is Petaling Street Warriors 大英雄小男人. *Singapore is going to be released on Dec 29.* Have been waiting it for so long already so of cause i watched it at the first day.

Petaling Street Warriors is a Malaysia and Singapore's FIRST period kungfu comedy. This movie is just damn funny! Laugh until the end! Can't believe its actually produced locally. Surprisingly good. HAHA.

The story is about Shi Duyao *Mark Lee is a descendant of the missing Emperor Jianwen of the Ming Dynasty and how they stop his opponents from robbing a treasure map.

Thumbs up for Mark Lee's acting! He look so man when he was trying to save his wife but then... hmmm... :p

Namewee also make me laugh non stop when he started to talk! Me and my bf like to talk like him now lollll. Really so impressive.

Worth to watch seriously! A lot of people clap their hand after the movie finished and there are so much of compliment. I don't know how to tell how good it is and which part is the best because I really laugh from the beginning until the end. HAHA.

If you don't trust me, watched the trailer first :p

Awesome right? :p So what you waiting for? Booked your ticket now!!! :))
You must never miss out our best local movie!!!

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  1. 说真的,还好罢了啦这套戏><"
    但是,搞笑是有的 ^^

  2. Local movie leh. Consider Pro already