Geng: The Adventure Begins.。

9:22:00 PM

Vanakkam! Can't believe it is already week 5 now. This sem gonna end soon, that means exam's coming soon but I still in honeymoon. WTF. 

Short sem means the semester is really short! HAHA. We need to settle all the assignments in a few weeks. Sometimes need to pass up 2 to 3 assignments in a week. Next week is Tamil oral test. I'm feaking worry about this. This stupid oral test is about a conversation between tutor and us, ALL IN TAMIL. They think we really can learn so much in just weeks!!  ~X(

In this sem I take a subject where it need us to shoot a video as our assignment. We had chosen #Geng: The Adventure Begins Trailer and here is our video.

You guys can compare ours with the original one. is quite similar. HAHA :p

Hmm.. Can you do me a favor? I need you guys help me to click a "LIKE" for our video. If you have a Youtube account, Please help me LIKE it at YOUTUBE.  HERE!

If you don't have a Youtube account, is ok. I bet all of you have a Facebook account. You guys can LIKE our Facebook page too.  Click here and LIKE the page please!  After that LIKE the video that we posted in the Page.

If you have both Youtube and Facebook account, can you help me to LIKE both too? :-bd *rolling big watery eyes*

Please!! The LIKE is our marks :( My marks is in your hand!!! It is just a simple LIKE and it mean a lot to me!  

Thanks! Appreciate!  :-*

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