9:15:00 PM

A delayed post again. LOL. I went to a temple with my family and also my bf last month which is located in Sitiawan, Perak.

This temple is so BIG! I went there to pray for my result and I passed all the subject. HAHA :p

The view around the temple is so beautiful. It looks like the temple that we usually watched in TV lolll.


 Brother and I kept posing but the photo cant really see our face. :|

 So cute! :D

 Our smile look alike.wtf. HAHA

 See! Is it the view that we usually saw in TV or Drama? LOL. I'm so mini :p

 My bro is flying :))

 Bf and Bro 

 Journey to the West! Oopps! Pose wrongly! :(

This is where the Monkey King in Journey to the West stayed. :p There's a lot of monkey inside but I din take any photo, because I worried that the monkey will grab my camera. HAHA.

The next week I went there again with my friend for seafood. I miss the food so so much! So sorry that we din take any photo of the food because we were too hungry that time and just kept eating lollll.
My bestie ❤! 

Many people said we look like twins. Really?  

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