Pecha Kucha.。

1:55:00 AM

Fuuuhhhh! This semester is just so busy. Everything is so packed and rush! Now is only week 2 but there's a lot of assignments waiting for me already. Damn! :(

I just came back from Ipoh actually. I went there for a movie with my friends. We watched Paranormal Activity 3 just now. The ending was not so good, it ended up so sudden [-(

After the movie we plan to have our supper but then there's a car that kept following behind us! There is 5 guys inside the car. It's so scary you know? Even we reached the restaurant we also not dare to go down so we circle around the town but they kept and still following us. ~X(

I think they had followed us around 10+ minutes, when we turned to the other way of the road towards highway, then only they stop following us! #:-S They think they wanna follow us that easily?? We plan to drive all the way to Penang, see whether they can follow us or not. HAHA.

This is my first time encountering this case, make me feel so scared. I think I need to attend Taekwondo class already. HAHA =))

Hmm.. I need to sleep now! Tomorrow going for a video shooting. It's one of the assignment. Its Deepavali, but still, need to spend with assignment. #-o

Anyway, Deepavali Valtukal to all my indian friends and readers. =D

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