Love Life.。

10:43:00 PM

Damn! I'm sick for one week already. Now no more fever but still cough and flu. I don't know why every time holiday i sure will get sick. #fml Oh yea, I changed the banner already. :p

Last few days, I went to my relative's funeral. My relative suicide, she is my mum's cousin's sis. *once i went back home,im sick and my dad said maybe because im too weak. I don't really know who's her actually, maybe i din meet her before. My mum ask me to accompany her to the funeral but i rejected my mum at first because im so scared! wtf. But my mum force me to go. :(

Recently there's a lot of news about suicide. When my mum told me there is someone that we know choose to end her life by suicide, im quite shocked. I went to her funeral but i din went to see her. I'm seriously scared. She is just so young you know? Around 40 i think. She had 3 child, the elder one is only 16 years old. That night, i saw her dad keep crying. Her dad told us that day, they were drinking beer together, and he went out to bought some because there was no more beer. Unfortunately, when he came back, his daughter already committed suicide *hang herself up. He said that time her body was still warm, he tried to save her but there was no hope. She wrote a letter to her dad saying that, I committed suicide because of my husband. Her husband always beat her and her husband's family always scold her. She is willing to commit suicide than going back home. I just saw uncle cried that night, but her husband?? Sit beside and smile. WTF

No matter how, I don't agree if one chooses suicide to end their life. Life is precious. One to choose suicide is maybe because they feel helpless, low self esteem, abuse, illness or others but suicide is not the way to solve problem. Not only your life is tough and hard, everyone life is not easy too. There's so much people fighting for their life but why you choose to end your life that easily? Why others can do but not you?

You can seek for help any time when you face problem. Family and friends are always beside us. Killing yourself means to end your life but it doesn't mean to end the problem. It is like you just throw the problem to the people around you after you suicide. Think of your family and friends, they will be so sad if you do so.There are solution to everything. Think Positive.

Share with someone to release your feeling when you feel depressed. Try to handle your emotion, don't let them control you. Sometimes I feel so depressed too but I will find someone to cry in front of them. LOL. It feels so much better after that. Everything will be Pass Tense, don't be so dedicated. If you are seriously suffering from depression, seek for doctor or professional. They can help you.

We don't have a second chance of live. Think twice before you make a decision. We don't have Restart or Retreat button in our life. You can't start all over again once you are dead. Life is not a game. Everyone will die too okay? so why you want to be so rush? When the day come to you, you might not want to leave too. Just enjoy your life now. Life is just so short actually.

Life is hard but is wonderful too! Suicide is never a good idea. Appreciate your life. If you really think that suicide is better for you, please donate your organ before you do so. Thank you. If you don't want your life, give it to others. There is a lot of people waiting for it.

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