Raya Trip #Day 1: KL

11:11:00 PM

Holiday holiday holiday *shouting. I'm having sembreak right now. I can sleep any time, wake up any time lolll. Of cause, I can blog any time too. :D As I mentioned before, I went for a trip with my boyfriend's family and today im going to blog about the first day.

1st day we reached KL at the midnight. After we ate supper, I went to bed. :p Wakeup early in the morning, simply dress up and  we went out for breakfast. I din take any picture there because I'm super angry that day. I don't know why the Not-So-Young people that day do not know how to respect people, super no manners!

After that not-so-happy breakfast, we went to One Utama. My boyfriend's dad wanted to buy laptop and we went there to check the prices.

#Bad hair day.My lips swollen and red that day! Emo to the MAX! We went to the newly renovated JUSCO to have a look.


 The prawn so big and I look so happy. wtf.

 It's Hot dog! So cute!

Hmm.. Anyone can tell me what's the function of this door? 

And then, the food court.
The bento that they selling is so so cheap and it taste good too! Highly recommended! :D

This one nice too! Craving for it now. I must eat if I went there next time! 

We went to The Curve and Ikea after that. I met my Ex boyfriend there.
I know you guys sure think that he is so handsome and strong but I don't think so. *I'm the one who dump him. Lolll.

I prefer my boyfriend. HAHA. :p

We ate our dinner at Nando's after my boy's Papa bought his new laptop. He bought ASUS N53SN. :D I want a new lappy too :(

I keep EAT EAT EAT. #fml

The next place we went is their relative's house. Chit chating for awhile and we went back home to take a rest because we had to start our journey to Singapore at midnight. :)

#Day 2.... see more

LOL.Wait for the next post then. :p


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  1. honestly, the first pic got a bit dumb~

  2. jiejie, when you go 1U wor?? Never call me.. Mayb you can live in my house ma.. 1U soooo near my house wor... next time call me ar.. I will give you my number.I cant wait for the next post XD

  3. ah 7, i act dumb jek ok? HAHA

    Yewyew, las time raya holidays u guys come back ipoh ad mah and i stay my bf house :)i tot ur house near midvalley??? im sick now :(

  4. y u look like 15 years old only de....xiao mei mei...LOL