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Exam still have 2 paper to go. Next paper is on Tuesday so I come here to blog. I wanna blog about my previous trip actually, but i have no time to arrange the pixels. In previous post, I told you guys that I am selling lens and there's few sweetie ask me which lens look nice, what color nicer and so on. So Today I will share the lens that I like, to you guys on this post. :)

The first one. This is the lens that I wear on the previous post. The lens is with flowerish pattern. This lens look quite natural, and I'm still wearing it. LOL.  It come with Brown, Pink, Blue and Violet. Mine one is the brown one. :)

The Second one. This one also come with flowerish pattern but it is kinda like Roses. ♥♥  It is available in Violet, Grey, Brown ,Pink and Blue. I choose grey this time :)

Third one. Highly recommended! It looks like diamond and the design of the lens make your eyes look watery and bling as you can see on pix below  ;)  It is available in Grey, Brown, Blue, Green, Violet and Black. As you can see, I bought the brown one again lolll. Grey look nice too! 

And the last one. This one is the special one. This lens look like as if it has laces covered all around it, from inside to outside. It comes in Grey, Brown, Violet, Blue and Pink too. This one I pick the Violent one!! 

Basically these are the few lens that I wear recently. I mostly go for the Grey and Brown one because it looks more natural on the eye. If you want something different, choose either Blue or Pink, it looks pretty smart :) So if you guys are interest with it, just email me at : callmebaoer@gmail.com :D

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  1. you hair so staright oh...
    is original or reponding geh ah??

  2. can i ask you question ?
    bcoz i like u hair style...
    so u at which saloon cut hair gah??

  3. my hair ori already straight but i perm it to curl before and then i straighten it again :)

    hmm.. i dun really cut my hair actually. I only trim it sometime :p