Raya Trip #Day2: Singapore

4:12:00 PM

Alright, is time to blog about #Day2. :p Day 2 we woke up around 3am. Yea, 3am in the morning.

I don't know why every time I wake up my body will get so warm one, that's why I drank cold water at 3am that day. That's the best orange juice I had ever drank, but after I finished it, I only realize that the juice had expired for 2months already. WTF! But I din feel anything. :p Done prepared and we started our journey to Singapore. Bf's dad drive. :)

Around 10am we reached there and we went to the hotel first. We stay in Marina Bay Sands Hotel. My first time there! So excited! We don't have any GPS, only iPad. iPad lead us there and that's why we lost for  a few times. :))

Reached and registered.

 My sleepy face :p

They said we can only check in at 3pm, so we went out for awhile.

At first, we planned to walk to the MRT station and take the MRT but then we gave up half way because the MRT station was just too far. :-o So we walked back to hotel and went out by car lollll. We drive to ChinaTown and parked under a temple's basement. The parking fees at Singapore is really expensive. 1SGD for half an hour means RM2.50! :-SS

You see. This lift is super big right?

But when the lift closed, it didn't move and we kept capturing photo. Suddenly there's someone talking through the voice assistant speaker , he said we cant take the lift, the lift is for loading purposes only. No wonder the lift is so big and I wonder why it should be that nicely decorated too. =))

Waiting for the 'real' lift. HAHA

We took our lunch at a food court but I don't know the name. LOL. When we were finding what to eat, we saw this.

So many people lining up there! The stall was selling Bean curd. Many people lining up, means it taste good right? That's why we queue up too. HAHA :p

 The stall is named Lao Ban Soya Beancurd, 老伴豆花.

 It's my turn! See, still got alot of people behind me.

There are only 2 flavour of bean curd, which is Original ($1.50) and Almond ($2). There are 2 branches in Singapore, you guys can search for it. I forgot to take the photo of the bean curd but I still remember the taste! Original one is super nice! It is so smooth, better than Ipoh one! *Must Eat! The feeling is like once you put the bean curd in your mouth, everything explode, melt and blend with you taste buds. Imagine that!! Almond one I don't really like. It taste a little bit bitter but special. *Can try!

Bean curd for dessert and Hainanese Chicken Rice for the main course. The rice and chicken is so.... normal so no need talk about it. :p After lunch we walked to nearest MRT station and take MRT to Orchard Road.

 Reached! :)

 I don't know why he smile so cute. HAHA

 Haven't ready one leh :|


 Macaron  :)

I don't know why the escalator is so long, when I stand on it I almost cry! So scary! :(

We walked around and after bf's bro took his repaired camera from Leica, we went back to ChinaTown.

 I'm searching for souvenir. Spot me?

The TinTin Shop!!

Before we went back to hotel, we visited the temple 百龙宝殿.

 Cloth without sleeve and short pants are not allow to go in but they do prepare us scarf. :)

 This temple is so beautiful!

Back to hotel after that.

The room!

This is the view from our room! Our room RM1k+ for one night. OMFG! Bf and his family went for a swim and I sleep inside the room. Maybe lack of sleep, I'm having fever that time.

Alright, at night we went to The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands to have our dinner.


Bf's mama and aunty was missing in action after dinner. Their phone can't call in and after one hour we only found them. LOL. Then we went out and took some photo.

 Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

 Singapore's night view is really so beautiful.

Emo-ing because I can't take nice photo. My lips swollen :(

The Hulk! HAHAHA :p

 Super Power! I walk so fast! HAHA =))

I look so small. LOLL

We are so cold!! *laugh

Finally, night view from our room. :)

#Day3, To be continue. ;)

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  1. so slim and so tall ! perfect baby ^^

  2. I went to SG too early this month but didn't get the chance to see so many things... you've got a nice blog here! Cheers! ^^

  3. Babyyy u more slim and taller than me leh ><

    chris,i read ur blog,i thk we went to the same place too. HAHA :p