We Run KL 2011.。

1:41:00 AM

I had joined my very first marathon last 2 months. I hate exercise actually. I'm lazy and I know it. :p Bf helped me to register for the Nike Running Event, I want the race pack but i don't want to run. But my bf changed my mind as he wants to get a medal with me. I also think that it will be so sweet if we get the medal together, so I promise him to join the run.

Before went to the run, my mum kept called me and ask me don't force myself if I can't run because I have Thalassemia and 10km is too far for me. HAHA. 

On that day, I woke up quite early and prepare. *maybe bcoz I'm too excited?lol  Reached there half an hour before the run start. There were so many people! I'm so scared to be the last one to complete the run. LOL

So, the run started around 7.30am. I see everyone run faster than me and I also tried to run faster but I just ran for a few second and i felt my stomach in pain. WTF! I'm too weak! :( Even a child can run faster than me. Damnit.

Bf accompany me to run and he kept asking me, do i feel dizzy?? HAHA. Don't ask me took how long to finished the run. My finishing time maybe is too long for you guys but it's counted as damn fast for me! My first time ran so far in my 20 years life. I don't know 10km was that far =.=

But you know what?! Nike din give any medal this year! They gave us a Nike Running Shoe design's pendrive and it's only 1gb. OMFG! I run for the medal and they told me no medal! Are you kidding me!! My exciting mood straight away turn to moody! fuckingdisappointedlo! :(

This is it! Is quite cute la actually but only one gb. F it. 

Bf said his hair look messy and asked me to edit it with a hat :p

Took at the Photo Booth. Nike's crew said they will upload the photo that they help us to took at the photo booth to Facebook but they din do so! They cheated us! Disappointed x2 [-(

I feel so proud of myself. I finished the run in time, I din even feel dizzy and I din sweat much too. HAHA. It's My City! I RAN IT!! :D

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