Pre-loved Wave #2 !

9:24:00 PM

Bf said he wanna move out from our house because ... my clothes are all over our room and he got no extra place to keep his clothes or to sit around HAHAHA. We might be the first couple to breakup just because of my clothes. In order to avoid this, I had finally made up my mind to have a Pre-loved Wave #2 session! Please buy more to save our relationship okay? HAHAHA :P

*Read before you make any purchase:
- All prices stated do not include postage fee. West Malaysia - RM7 || East Malaysia - RM10
- Buy 5 items and above, FREE POSTAGE! 
- Don't expect them to be as new as those in store, even to those that I never wear before. Coz I might got them ages ago. :|
- Color might have a lil bit different from photos.
- No refund or exchange after payment is made. 

[Pre-loved - See Through Long Sleeve Grey Top || Size: Best Fits S-M || RM15] -SOLD- 

[Brand New- Checkered Peplum Top || Size: Best Fits XS-S || RM15]

[Pre-loved - Sunflower Cropped Sweatshirt || Size: Best Fits S-M || RM10]

[Pre-loved - Floral Yellow Cropped Top from Topshop || Size: S || RM28]

[Pre-loved - Polkadotz Peplum Top || Size: S || RM15] -SOLD-

[Pre-loved - Flower Crop Top || Size: S || RM15]

 [Pre-loved - Blue Top from F21 || Size: S || RM15] -SOLD-

[Pre-loved - Bunny Long Shirt || Size: S || RM15]

[Pre-loved - Weed Crop Top || Size: S || RM15] SOLD

[Pre-loved - White Crop Top || Size: S || RM15] SOLD

[Wore Once Only - Off Shoulder Pink Crop Top || Size: S || RM18]

[Pre-loved - Stripped Grey Sweater from Voir || Size: S || RM20]

[Pre-loved - Pastel Top || Size: S || RM15]

[Pre-loved - Off Shoulder Lace Top || Size: S || RM8] -SOLD-

[Wore Once Only - Off Shoulder Polkadot Crop Top || Size: S || RM18] -SOLD-

[Pre-loved - Meow Sweater || Size: S || RM20]

[Pre-loved - Roar Sweatshirt from H&M || Size: S || RM25]

[Pre-loved - Houndstooth Sweatshirt || Size: S || RM25]

[Wore Once Only - Checkered Cropped Shirt || Size: S || RM15] -SOLD-

[Pre-loved - Kitty Crop Top from H&M || Size: S || RM15] -SOLD-

[Pre-loved - PINKFLOYD Long Top from H&M || Size: S || RM18]

[Pre-loved - Skull Long Top || Size: S || RM10] -SOLD-

[Pre-loved - Galaxy Outer || Size: S - M || RM25]

[Pre-loved - Good Quality Donald Duck Sweater || Size: Free Size || RM28]

[Pre-loved - Blue & White Stripped Dress (Stretchable)  || Size: S - M || RM25]

[Wore Once Only - Blue Braces Skirt (Stretchable) || Size: S-M || RM10]

 [Pre-loved - Hoodie Dress (Stretchable) || Size: Free Size || RM20]

 [Pre-loved - Stars Dress || Size: S - M || RM15]

[Pre-loved - Red Stripped Dress (Stretchable) || Size: Best Fits S-M || RM8] -SOLD-

[Pre-loved - Marble Skirt (Stretchable) || Size: S-M || RM18]

[Brand New - Denim Skirt  || Size: XS || RM20]

[Brand New - Tennis Skirt || Size: S || RM15] -SOLD-
Slightly too short for me. Long around 33.5CM.

[Brand New - Leopard Skirt (Stretchable) || Size: S || RM12]

[Wore Once Only - $$$ Shorts || Size: S || RM28]

[Pre-loved - Denim Straight Skirt || Size: S || RM20]

[Wore Once Only - Checkered Skort || Size: M || RM20]

[Pre-loved - Elegant Cooper Shiny Handbag, including a small pouch as in photo || Size: S || RM15] -SOLD-

[Brand New - Chanel Inspired iPhone 5/5s Casing in Navy Blue || RM8]

[Brand New - Pastel Koko Cat iPhone 5/5s Casing || RM5] -SOLD-

That's all for Wave #2! If any of you wanted to make a purchase or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can Email me at OR Wechat me, Wechat ID: superbaoerrr OR PM me thru Facebook Again, Please buy more to save our relationship HAHAHA :P

Enjoy Shopping loves! 


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