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Almost forgot about my BKK trip post and it was like I couldn't finish blogging about them forever wtf. Don't care la, just imagine you are time travelling with me now. Please fasten your seat belt and here we go, back to the past! HAHA :P

There was a rally in Bangkok last year but we didn't cancel our trip and guess what? Bangkok was  just so peace! Even though most of the tourist spot in town were occupied for rally, everyone was still abide by the rules! There are even street market near to the rally spot.

Super adorable ice-cream!

The ice-cream was really cute and it was not cheap but the taste of the ice-cream ... yucks! Sometimes, good looking food doesn't taste like how they look like. You know what I mean lololol

We spent sometime shopping in Pratunam and went to Asiatique The Riverfront around 5pm on that day. Most of the shop there opened only after 5pm. It was our first time there and probably also the last time lolll.

How to get there: - Take BTS Sky Train to Saphan Taksin Station. Find Exit 2, go to the pier and take Asiatique free shuttle boat. Regular service every 15 min from 5PM to 11PM. OR you can also go by taxi.

Anyway, we went there with the shuttle boat which I think is cost saving but the bad sides is that you have to wait for the shuttle boat and also queue for your turn.

Asiatique was like so far away from the pier but in fact the ride wasn't too long!

Asiatique The Riverfront is a large open-air mall in Bangkok. Besides the great ambience, I couldn't think of any good thing about Asiatique lolll. We didn't even take our dinner there cuz most of their menu failed to grab our interest and the price was quite high!

They have quite a few row of shops that sell clothes but then again, the price is so high compared to the shops in Pratunam. Platinum Mall is always the best HAHA. That is why I say it will probably the first and the last time for me to visit Asiatique earlier lolll.

FYI, there's a Naraya shop in Asiatique too! ;)

The only fun and cute shop that I found in Asiatique is this here! I spent most of my time inside this shop lol. They are selling tons of cute socks, accessories, bags! Everything was just super cute!

Look at those socks! I bought the meat slice photo print socks! It was just too cute for not getting them! 

This shop will be the only reason for me to back there one day HAHA! Do check it out on their Facebook! 


We had so much fun inside this shop! If you are going to Asiatique, please go and visit this shop and get some cute printed socks lolololll.

The main attraction of Asiatique has to be this, 60 meters high Ferris Wheel. 

We are a pair of very rational couple that we only took selfies infront of the ferris wheel, instead of paying 300 THB each for a ride HAHAHA. 

Asiatique is a beautiful place for people who like to chill but definitely not for shopping. Seriously, Asiatique wasn't my place and I got nothing much to share about Asiatique HAHA. What about I share my fav Thai Mango Salad in BKK with you guys? *chuckle 

This stall is located along the Pratunam Street outside Citin Pratunam Hotel! 

I went BKK for 7D6N and I had her Mango salad everynight until she can even recognize us and gave us some free side dishes on our last day! It's the best Mango salad/ Papaya salad in Bangkok for me and bf and the price is so reasonable! You won't know how much I miss her and her Mango Salad T_______________T

Strongly recommend to buy this Mango Salad, must and MUST ADD SALTED EGG! Another tips for you guys: Salad that's prepared by this lady's husband don't taste as good as what she did! :P

Till then. See you in the next update hehe.


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