I'm officially 20 now ❣

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Again. I dumped my blog for about 2 weeks.  wtf. but i really don't have time to blog. I had 2 presentation in one day last week. The one i worried about most was the Informative Speech, I talked about "How to make your eyes look bigger". Want to know about it? LOL. Overall not that bad, but im still so noob in it! Tomorrow will be my first midterm for this semester, and there will be more exam and presentation next week especially, Informative Speech. I still don't have idea on what to present next week. ~x(

Alright, back to the topic. My birthday just passed last week and I'm officially 20 now. Omg, sounds so old! Can I go back to 18 and stay 18 forever?! HAHA. This year's birthday do not have any big party or any big celebration but there's full of love and warmness! :x

So coincidentally, my aunties and cousins came back to Ipoh before my birthday and one of them treat all of us eat at a restaurant as my early birthday celebration. It had been so long we didn't gather together after CNY and that day again we gathered together, laughter non stop.

My lil bro kept wanted to camwhore that night. He knows how to smile and look at the camera since he is still a baby! My mum said, maybe when she was pregnant, I always camwhore infront of her, thats why my bro got those talent. :))

He is super Chubby!

 Baby sis, lil bro and Me 

 My bro's eyes so small! OMG

Flash until eyes also can't open. 

But he still wanna camwhore with the eyes closing. wtf

 HAHA. This one look so sweet! My baby sis so cute. =))

 My bro looks like my dad!!

His finger damn short. :))

Cousin sis.

I look so old! :(

My smile so fake :|

They like camwhore too. HAHA.

After 2 days, my man came to Ipoh for a steamboat at my house with my family as my second early celebration. sweet huh? LOL. When I went back home after shopping with my man, my lil bro run to us and told us that he bought me a cake. how cute? :)

Auntie Lily told me this cake was chosen by my bro!  A mango cake.  =P~

He is happier than me. LOL

I have no idea why he looks so "cute" in this photo.

 Happy Birthday to M.E!

 I look so scary without makeup. :(

Looks stupid but my eyes look so big in this photo. *laugh*

 Make a wish. Oops. i make 3 wishes xD

My birthday or his birthday? :-??

 I love this photo!

He can't wait to eat "his" cake already.

 I want to "kill" the cake!

 Share the cake with u guys. *wink*


I ask you to eat the cake! *devil face*

Want to try some cream? *I looks so pale arr!*

We took a Family Pic that day, i think it is the first family pic after my lil bro was born but i know if i upload it here my baby sis will kill me. Baby sis you wanna see it? *evil laugh*

On my birthday, my friends gave me a suprise. :-o  They came to my hostel acting want to find my man but suddenly took out a "big" cake singing birthday song. wtf. I don't know what kind of respond i should give them and i just keep laughing. They said the price of the cake is not important but my happiness is more important. So touch right? HAHA. The cake big until 1k of people also can't finish. Can you imagine how big is that?!

I'm still very happy although my birthday don't have any big party or big celebration but i can feel the love is in the air! *blushing* Thanks to everyone who wished me through facebook, whatsapp or fone! *with watery big eyes* Thanks for everything and i leave my fone at Ipoh for about 2 weeks already. That's why i din reply u guys who wished me through sms, but i will reply u all when i get back my fone. *hugssss*

Oops! I used half a day to blog! Internet sucks, lappy sucks. X(

Off to do revision...maybe.

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