New T.O.Y.。

11:47:00 PM

Hey guys, I'm so excited right now, I mean excited from the beginning of the day until now! :)) You guys wonder why I'm that excited? I bet you guys want to know about it. LOL.

Yeap!! I'm so excited because I got myself a new toy and it came to my doorstep today at noon. Yeah! It is a new camera - Panasonic Lumix GF3!!! which is the latest collection for Lumix G Series!!! *shout* Still Malaysia haven't launch this new camera but they do offer pre-order last week and there's only 10 units and I''m one of the ten!!! *shout again!* <:-P

There are five colours to choose from which are Black, Red, Pink, Brown and White. So pretty and cool right? =D

And I go for the White one! 
Tadaa!! She is so SEXY and adorable! I Love This New Baby So So Much! I'm thinking of a name for her, any suggestion?

So, today I will stop at here and I will blog about the review of Lumix GF3, ASAP. Sorry that this post is super short because I'm still busy with my new baby toy. :p *Ooops!she is calling my name!* Off to play with her. Today I will surely have a good good dream. :D good night peeps!

♡ Stay Tuned

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  1. Waiting for your new photo upload haha, keep it up!

  2. walau eii...david buy for u?

  3. fuyoh! so fast!! haha. come back after few days :)