Transformers: Dark of the Moon.。

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I went to KL last 2 week with my boy and also my friends.We got a new friend in ktm while going to KL.He tot my boy is my bro. *we look alike? lol* We went there for a few mission actually

1.To buy something for myself as a birthday present. - FAILED!

I don't want to mention what i plan to buy at first because the plan failed. Not to say failed, it is because i changed my mind suddenly. And i do bought something for myself but only a dress and some inner cutie from La Senza. FML. I also bought my man a new NIKE shoes. :)

So blue! I like this so much but don't have my size!!! :(  I do try red too but at last i bought black one. :))

So regret i din buy this!! my boy comfort me by saying me look like a witch with this dress. =))

2.Watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon. - Mission Complete!

We watched it at Time Square. My first time watching movie there! HAHA.Thank god we bought the ticket!! The cinema hall was super duper freaking big, but it was still FULLED! We reached there early and there's a show that day.
They were so tall!


Spot the difference!

Before movie, we camwhore together with the 3D spec.

My Crew! There's still a cutie in my crew but she was so shy,so she din take a same pic with us.

About the movie, Aww it was just too nice! Highly recommended! I enjoyed it alot and i cried for few times!! The Bumblebee cheated me! He always act like he was gonna die. Make me so sad! Even his eyes look so pity too.

See! His eyes looks so pity! *spot my birthday's date?*

Bad hair day! Spot the cutie? Finally she is here!

My boy!! :)

Alright! The last mission - KLCC, ManUtd Asia Trophy Tour 2011  - DONE!
My boy is a super ManUtd fans and he wanted go to KLCC for the trophy. I have no idea why he want to go to have a look only for the trophy. lol. 

 The trophy!

There's Red Devil everywhere!!  My boy and his gang is in the picture that posted in ManUtd official website.LOL

 While waiting, camwhore again. lol

I don't know why i look like I wanna cry in this photo.

There's only 3 mission and we done all of it if I don't count in the failed one. So, after that day, we back to Kampar.

 Before back to kampar, my boy bought me a Giant Macaroon!

 I look pale and I'm sick that time! FML!

 Wahh! So big! lolll

Yummy! It's so tasty!!! :)

And then we went back to kampar by ktm again.

So,byebye :))

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  1. sweet with ur boy ^^ great to see that =) envy

  2. wahhh! 1st time drop coment in my blog wo sui po.HAHA. envy ur head. i know now u with ur boy oso sweet sei :) happy always ya

  3. That day I also went to klcc, I wonder is that the same girl that I saw or not @@, nice blog ^^

  4. Yea. is the same one. i got ur namecard. muahahha