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Aloha,I'm here to blog again since I had promise to blog at least twice this week. *wink* Back to the topic, today i will blog about the day i gather with my girls when I'm having sembreak, i called it as Sister Day. A day for Sisters. I know this story is kinda old,  but i still want to blog about it. :p What do girls do most when they date with girlfriends? Yea! Camwhore!  So this post will have a tones of pics. A picture is more than thousand words! LOL

Alright, the first date was sing k with my lovely Creamy, Jc and Phia. Phia came my house fetch me, from her house come to my house is a very long journey,but she still came fetch me with Creamy! Awww. So sweet. We went to her house and wait for her boyfriend come to fetch us. After lunch, we went to OTK studio to start our concert! LOL.

OTK Studio is a newly opened Karaoke at Greentown, Ipoh. They served with Old Town White Coffee's halal food and drinks. Because of some special reason we get a super duper big room and the price is super cheap but only for 3 of us. LOL

 So big! *she was enjoying it alot!

 3 people and 2 TV. LOL. btw, their sound system is nicer than kbox!

 You can even online using their iMac :)

 Creamy Chan. Your photo! 

 I'm concentrating on singing but will never forget to pose too! :))

Cover my face will look better!

See my phia. She is so cute.

I capture her photo and she capture me! HAHA

 Lovely Phia and me!

 I don't know why my smile is so fake ><


 Fake smile x2

 HA! This one is better!

Super Fake Smile!

 Camwhore with mirror is a point! *Where is my dear Jc?

 I look so tall!

Creamy's leg look long too. *laugh

Thanks Phia's boyfriend for fetching me back home that day :) And i do enjoy my day with you 3   Date me again! 

 I do date with other babes too who are Jess, Niyen and Nico. We meet only once a sem because Jess is currently studying in KL,she only come back every sembreak. And Nico working all the days! Only off on monday but we all got class on monday. So we have so less chance to meet up. :( We meet almost every sembreak, will never let the chance go! HAHA

I still remember we went Jusco that day and have our lunch at Pasta House. They came my house to play mahjong. I win some money. HAHA. We din take any picture of ourselves, only pictures of foods because we were busy gossiping! LOL.

The food we ordered that day.

Giant softshell crab!

The food is quite nice and the service is good too. I'm not a pasta lover but i like their pasta! Especially with bacon one! I recommend you guys to try their Lunch set which include pasta, soup of the day, drink and ice-cream. It's super worth and cheap! 

Pasta House located at Medan Ipoh Baru, Beside voodoo club.
Telephone : 605-546 3218 
Business hours : 10am – 10 pm

Sister's day really can cheer up my day! I don't know why every Thursday will also be my Emo Day. I wish to meet all my babes now! Gossip, Shop And Spend! I'm crazy right? :p 

Okay,it is time for my dinner.Oops, already 11pm+ right now. I should say it is my din-per maybe? I mean Dinner and Supper! LOL. good night peeps.


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  1. Experience on 29/10/2011
    OTK studio 2nd & 3rd floor, Persiaran Tugu, Greentown Avenue.
    Worst service ever I had met in Karaoke Box
    Count wrong on the bill, charge RM10 more then I ask for the manager.
    Bangla come give me back RM10 ...
    I call Manager again, A guy called ( KIMIX LEE ) which my friend said he is ( tai chi yeh ) came and ask what I want Rude, stare at me .. scold back customer like want to ask for fight ... WTF is this service He said he is the biggest in OTK !!!

    OTK studio , I don't care he is son of the boss or whatever position he held.
    Pls do not remove this comment ... and I will let more public to know about this.