OPUS 2 JAY 2014 World Tour Live in Malaysia!

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BOOO! YAYYYY! Went to see Jay Chou concert again 2 weeks ago, with a very complicated feeling! I was very happy and excited to see him again after one year but also very sad that it may be / surely be the last time that I see him single and not married. Oh my... so heartbroken to say that. :( but I hope he finds his true love and stay happy too! It's just, why I'm not the chosen girl? Oh wait... See. I told you, the mixture of complicated feelings lollll.

The theme of the concert for this year was actually almost the same as last year but Jay did add a lot of songs that he didn't sang last year and he did interact a lot with his fans this time! Not sure is it because of he is going to get married soon, he seems to be very happy and fun throughout the whole concert! He smiled a lot and joked around this time! :(

There was a stupidest incident that happen to me that day. I never think that it could happen to me before this, like seriously. I brought my camera along, I bought a new battery for her but I forget to bring my memory card!!!!! Well oh well, It's like God wanted me to concentrate and watch his concert before him getting married, instead of non stop snapping photos. *cry secretly  I did captured a few photo using my Casio camera but you know, don't expect a great picture with this camera under low light situation. HAHAHA.

It was raining on both Friday and Saturday so we didn't hang around stadium or buy any merchandise. We didn't even buy any glowstick because the design was the same as last year's, only 2013 changed to 2014 HAHA. And they did prepared glowstick for everyone, even though it was a low quality, but still it works.. lolololll.

Selfie before concert started :P I realise there's a huge difference of myself compared to last year when looking back at the post of OPUS JAY 2013 World Tour Live in Malaysia! that I blogged. My fringe got longer, no more dip dye, I look more mature and I gained so much weight now! FML!

 Baby sis joined us too! heheh

 Hello love! ♡♡

 As usual, the PINK OCEAN!!! SOOOO PRETTY!

 I don't know how he can be that charming?!!

Oh yea, forgot to mention, he sang this song for me HAHAHAHAHA. *thickfacelolll

黑色毛衣 one of my fav song!

Yeap, this is where we sat. It was quite near this time, even nearer than last year lolololll. The stage was just infront of us, like really near.

Concert for this year was .... really good! His concert will never fail us! But the stage design was quite simple compared to last year's. Jay Chou offered 2 fans to choose a song and sing with him on both 2 days but one of the fans challenge him to make a song for us on the spot and it does bring up the atmosphere! It was really a piece of cake for Jay! He is just too talented! *lovelovelove

Here's the video! I separated them into 3 parts cuz Instagram only allow me to upload max 30 second for each video :(

This time, the duration of the concert was even longer than last year's! Anyway, I enjoy alot during that memorable night. The only thing that make me disappointed was he didn't sing us his new song for upcoming album like what he did for his Hong Kong fans! SO UNFAIR. PLEASE COME AGAIN, SOON! REAL SOON!

Words can't describe how much I love him. Seriously. I can easily fall for good looking artist, especially when I'm so into a drama lolololll. But you know what? No one did and can never replace Jay Chou. NEVER EVER. 这一世没缘分在一起 但愿下辈子我们能相遇 LOLOLOLLLL

Oh ya, Thank you my friend for the ticket hehe! Best birthday present ever! You know who you are :)


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