Floating Eyebrow Embroidery @ Ninety1 Style!

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Ola! If you did follow me on my other social media platform, you might notice that I did my very first eyebrow embroidery last month! Thanks to Samantha from Ninety1 Style! :D

Brows are really important to one! If you didn't draw your eyebrows on, you can't consider yourself having a complete make up look but now, eyebrow embroidery makes everything easy! I've been aiming on eyebrow embroidery for quite some time because my brows are so light in color! I look browless without make up which makes me having a low esteem and it bothered me! I've been searching around for a trustable beautician and finally I found Ninety1 Style. They have pretty good feedback and customers testimonial so I decide to give them a try! 

Ninety1 Style workshop located at a very good location. It's very near to Sunway Giza so you can actually find them very easily!

Hi :P

So before we start the whole embroidery process, we did spend sometime discussing my ideal eyebrows design which include the shape, thickness of the brows and also sketching them in a form of outline for us to see how would the end result be like. It's very important and you should voice out your opinion at this stage. I told Samantha that I wanted a thick but not too thick and straight brows! HAHA. Such a troublesome customer huh? But Samantha is really kind! ♡ After getting done with the eyebrow design, it's time to apply the numbing cream!

I was quite excited and relaxed before everything started but when Samantha started to do the embroidery, I became very tension! Because my friend been telling me it was painful! I can feel my heartbeat as she touched my brows. Like after a few seconds, Samantha asked me :"Is it painful?" And I was like "WHAT? YOU STARTED ALREADY? I FEEL NOTHING!" Hurray! Seriously, I don't feel any pain throughout the whole process and I ... almost fell asleep wtf HAHA.

The whole process only took about 1.5 hours which is quite fast! And I love the outcome! Ready to see my pretty brows? *grin!

I took this right after the whole process! The best part of Floating Eyebrow Embroidery is that they won't make your skin swollen or cause any redness, even right after the process! They are so natural and I can just go out like that. 

FYI, You can actually choose colours for your brows, Black, Dark Brown or Light Brown. Samantha recommended me to go for the dark brown colour as they will fade into light brown soon.

Here's my Before and After picture of my 4days Embroidery! You can see some part of my brows are lighter. It's because the dead skin is starting to peel off and it needs to have a touch up after 1 or 1.5 months! No worries, Ninety1 Style includes a free touch up session for their eyebrow embroidery service! Hehehh!

This is how they look like after 6 Days with a little bit of touch up with eyebrow pencil as some of the dead skin peeled off.

I have to say I love them so much!

Sorry for too much of vain photo but my brows are just too nice HAHAHA!

Day No.8 - Also touch up a small part with eyebrow pencil! Half of the dead skin are gone and the colour become more natural!

I took this photo last week! I know you can hardly see my brows in this photo *smoothskinmodemightbetoohighhaha but I will show you in next one hehe! As you can see from the photo, the dead skin are fully peeled off and the colours are lighter compared to when I first have my embroidery, but still I have brows! HAHA. The result after the healing process varies based on how you sleep or work with your face. I guess some of my brows are too light due to my sleeping pose HAHAHA. I used to sleep with bolster covering my face and my bolster might scrape them off :( But no worries, I'm going to get them touch up by next week!

This is a clearer photo of my current brows! See! Told ya, I have brows now! Sorry if they look messy cuz I'm too lazy to trim them :P But focus on the embroidery part! They still look good but some parts are too light, especially my left brows! And this is why we need to touch up after a month time!

So this is how they look like after I draw them with eyebrow pencil! I used to spend so much time drawing them because I got unbalanced brows and they are too light, I can hardly find the perfect shape! But now, no joke, I can finish my brows in 1 minutes! *proud! 

Some of my friend have been asking me about the difference between Floating Eyebrow and 3D Eyebrow Embroidery, just incase you are wondering about the difference, from what I know, Floating Eyebrow Embroidery are more natural compared to 3D. They will look like you have a real brows! And even after the process, it won't look as dark as 3D eyebrow embroidery, so you won't look too awkward while waiting for them to heal lolll. Of course, for more info you can always contact Samantha! She will give you the professional advice and answer that you are looking for! heheh!

Here's the contact for Samantha! Besides Floating Eyebrow Embroidery, she also provides other services like Korean Eyebrow Embroidery, Innerliner Tattoo, Crystal Lips Tattoo, Eyelash Extension and also Hot Waxing! You guys can always consult her before going for any services! 

Btw, They are having promotion now on Floating Eyebrow Embroidery and also Camellia Eyelash Extension! 
-Floating Eyebrow Embroidery is only RM588 now including one FREE touch up session!
-Camellia Eyelash Extension which can put up to 450 lashes! Only RM200 for upper and lower lashes! 

So, hurry up and call for your appointment now! Let's be pretty together for Xmas and also New Year heheh!! 

Ninety1 Style
Address: No 41-2, Jalan PJU 5/9
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya Selangor Malaysia.

Contact: 013-2301886
Instagram: @ninety1style

Can't wait to touch up the brows and I will update you guys again! 


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