Happy 5th Anniversary Bae!

12:29:00 PM

Time flies. It was our 5th Anniversary 2 weeks ago! But we didn't get to meet up on the actual day due to our long distance relationship :(  We didn't go for any big celebration or get any big present for each other cuz spending time together is more precious for us now as we couldn't see each other that often like last time and also... we don't know what to get as our gifts..HAHAHA. :P

I didn't buy him anything but I did prepared some handmade mini surprise to him hehe.

I draw these, color them, cut them out and stick it on my bedroom wall! Not a perfect one but it was my first time doing handmade stuff for him HAHAHA. Don't see them like it's easy to do, I spent quite a lot of time doing them :| but I enjoy doing it so much!

When bf reached home, I brought him to my room and I closed his eyes, direct him facing the wall and show him what I've done. His reaction was out of my expectation. He didn't have much response at first, he was stunned. After a second, he went up and touched them. "You coloured them? I tot you print them out at first!" MEHHHH! What response is this? HAHA. I tot he might tears or hug me and say thank you or whatever but yea, thats why I said it was out of my expectation lol.

He did tell me he was moved after that cuz I never do things like this before and it was the first time I put so much effort into doing something for him. Hmmm... Sounds like I'm a bad gf all the time huh? :P

Surprise didn't just end there!

I made him a Mango Yogurt Jelly Cheese Cake! Holly. Talk about this cake. It took me half a day to find stall that sells mango because during that time, it was not mango season.

It was my first time making this cake and OMG. It turns out surprisingly good! Bf loves it so much too hehe! And of course, he didn't know that I will make him a cake cuz I don't usually make cake LOL.

Bf said he was so happy and touch because he didn't know I will prepared him so much things by myself cuz I don't drive and I got limited sources HAHA. And he also feel guilty for not preparing anything for me lolll but I don't mind at all please. He did so much things for me all the time but I ... ahemmm... so it was okay! HAHA.

You wouldn't know what my dad told him the last time we had dinner together. He said "David, If you are really marry her someday... (I expecting for something touching!) your life will be so hard! Be tough!" and everyone burst out laughing! And I was like wtf dad! Are you really my dad or his dad? So you're trying to tell him to dump me and not marry me? I tot he might say something like "take good care of my daughter." but ...... HAHAHA. Bf looks like a superman in everyone's eyes cuz he's the only one that can bare with my bad temper and to treat me like a princess. Of coz, that is not the only reason why we are so in love until now! ♡♡♡

Yea, so you know I love you, especially your big tummy! HAHAHA blek :P

Nothing much for today actually, just wanna write it down as a love story diary for us HAHA.


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