Harrods @ Suria KLCC.

7:55:00 PM

I guess you guys know I love Afternoon Tea / High Tea so much heheh! I like to enjoy the moment of chillax with my gfs while sipping those relaxing tea and eating desserts. Also the atmosphere! *taitailife lolll

Bf don't understand why we girls love high tea so much and thats why I always brought him along to high tea with me and guess what? He then loves it too! Another person to accompany me for high tea session added to my list lolll! 

This time we went to Harrods World Signature Shop and Tea Salon @ KLCC to try out their afternoon tea set. Our main purpose for this visit is to try out their scone as what I heard, Harrods's scones are quite famous one.

They are actually 2 Harrods Cafe in KLCC now as they just open a new branch but we still went to the old one which is located at first floor as both of us think that the interior design of the first branch looks more classy. Great for selfie. LOL.

In front of the dining area is actually a retail section where you can get Harrods branded merchandises there which includes tea, bag, food and etc.

We were seated near to the bar as the waitress told us the inner area are mainly for dining and since there's another Harrods Cafe at KLCC, so this one will mainly focus on dining but we still can have our afternoon tea there if we want. :)

 Oh hi :)

 So we ordered one set of Afternoon Tea Set which cost about 120+ for 2 pax. It comes with tea too!

Their famous Scones. Hmm I don't know but it's not as good as what I expected. The texture was soft and moist but the taste was quite dull. Just not the best I've tasted but not worst too la. It was okay :)

Scones always served with Cream and Jam but I'm a weirdo. I don't like to put anything on it but I love scones. Plain scones! That's why the taste of the scones itself is very important to me.

And then, for the dessert part, it just can't reach my satisfaction. I just give each of them a bite so ... yea... It's very hard to find great desserts on afternoon tea set.

Sandwiches, normal sandwiches lolll but it taste not bad.  My fav among all maybe? HAHA.

I'm not really satisfied with the food anyway, maybe I just got a very high expectation before I go there. Not to say it sucks but just a big gap from my expectation. Price wise, I think it's acceptable for an afternoon tea set and their services is good too and also environment! :P I won't crave going back for another afternoon tea set again, but I won't reject for another visit. Perhaps, I can try out other dessert next time? Like their macaroon :)

Harrods World Signature Shop and Tea Salon @ KLCC
Lot 137, First Floor, Suria KLCC,
Tel: 03-2166 6000

Harrods Cafe @ KLCC
Lot G03J - 03K,Ground Floor, Suria KLCC
Tel: 03-2165 1111

Website: http://www.harrods.com


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