One "Two Three"...

7:17:00 PM

Yeap, last Sunday was my birthday and I'm now ... Arrgghh just forget about the number thing okay? HAHA! I really hate mentioning those numbers after my 20's. Getting older and older and feel that the time passes so fast.

I had a mini celebration with my bf and gfs on that day. They wanted to give me a surprise but I smell the surprise earlier. HAHA! I knew they are going to plan something for me cuz they are so desperate into dating me out on the exact day. I rejected them at first because I dislike awkward moment and also I think birthday is just a very normal day la. I gave them a few excuses and they helped me to solve everything. Okay then, since I also know there will be something so I just prepare myself and go with them HAHA!

Only one of them came at first and I was thinking This Is So Impossible cuz this girl will never date me alone and her responses towards all my questions is really suspicious HAHAHA. As what I expected, they came in together after sometime with a cake lololollll. They actually plan this with my bf =________=

I am very happy and appreciate everything that they had done for me! LOTS OF LOVE♡♡♡

One of the wishes that I wish for is that everyone around me stay happily and healthy always! The other 2 I will just keep it for myself okay? :P

 So here's my bff's!

Jc dear who use to called me Dear Dear!

LSP who used to called me Dear HAHAHA! Very hard to see or date her one cuz she will just appear whenever she wants to! So I always wait for her to date me rather than me looking for her lolololll.

Ccm aka Creamy which appears quite a few times in my blog before lolll. Incase you wanna know, she always call me Honey HAHAHA!

They wanted to look small and thin so they just hide behind me but I got my HAIR! *laugh

 They got me a very special birthday present too...

Which they call it a Branded Snack Bag! They make me a bag by using lots of snacks!!! Do I look good or fashionable with this bag? HAHAHA!

They warned me that I must put this in my blog so here you go okay? This bag can really function well and quite a stable one lolll.

They told me that 'Toblerone' is actually the name/ brand of the bag wtf HAHAHA! They are caring enough to include 2 bottles of water in it too, just incase I will be thirsty after eating the snacks LOL. I'm actually wondering, are they really my friends? I wanted to keep fit and go for a diet but they choose to give me this huge amount of snacks at this time! Even my mum also said Oh you can eat this until you explode HAHAHA! Thank you for the surprise and the big effort of making me this bag! Love you guys okay? :*

Also my bf! Didn't get to selfie with him on that day because we got too many selfies already lololll. Thanks for everything and the birthday present! *Will blog about it next time :)  Going to be your birthday month next! Oh my... STRESS!!!!

Turning to 23 wasn't something big, it's just something old HAHA. I won't take my birthday as a big deal so I didn't really celebrate it, I'm a very humble person HAHAHA!  Not even going out for a great dinner because I was too lazy to go out and it's SUNDAY! Staying at home with loved one is great enough for me!

Anyway, Thank you all for the wishes! I might not be able to reply all of you guys but I do read them all hehehe :3 Thank You!! ❤❤❤

And Thanks for all the present! hehehe You know who you are!! XOXO!!! :*

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