Golden Sands Resort - II.

7:58:00 PM

It has finally come to the final day or final post for my family trip in Penang, HAHA. This post is basically quite similar to the Day 1 post , which is Hotel Tour but the overall view or what you will get from Golden Sands Resort. LOL

You know what? My lil bro wake me up at 8am that day because we promised to go for a swim before we check out but ... the weather in the morning is just damn too cold!! I'm sure I will jump out from the water the moment my toes touch it, so I rejected him and he is a bit frustrated and sad that day LOL.

Back to today's topic then. So the hotel package does comes with breakfast and we had ours there before we start our journey to somewhere else. Did I tell you guys that I love hotel breakfast a lot? HAHAHA! They serve variety of food and in any way or what not, I'm sure to find something I wanted to eat! hehehe! My family is satisfied with what they served too! :D They even have a clown to cheer up the kids and balloon art is given, free.  *My bro was afraid of the clown at first lololollll, until he saw BALLOONS!!

Bf, bro and sis queueing up for omelette lolll. It's my bro's first time having breakfast in a hotel thou :P

They have choices of food, from salad to mee, rice and even the famous omelette! But you have to queue for those food that need some cooking like the eggs. And you have to be fast as people tend to waste alot of time at the Omelette station, customizing various types of omellete! Or else the rest of the food will be all gone lol but of course don't take so much food if you can't finish it all. Save environment, save food, LOL.

My favourite corner! HAHAHA!

Salad bar!

Instead of coffee, I go for juice! Watermelon juice is my first choice! nyek nyek!

After breakfast we walk around the hotel to explore more before leaving! I know it's too late if we discover something new, LOL, should have done that the first day we came, but yeah, we can't wait to swim on our first day, so have to ignore everything!!! Hehe

See what my bf capture!!! Bad boy HAHAHA!

So pretty ah the sea! Blue sky with not so clean water HAHAHA!

My bro also had his photo session inside the hotel room HAHA. He seems to grow much taller now compared to the time when he was just a baby which also looks like a big size kid. OMG!

OOTD? or just acting cool. And after looking at the photo for 1 min, I only realise he wanted to do the duck lips photo. LOL

My sis requested a romantic couple photo with my bro and I think it feel quite lovely. What you think? :P My bf asked, why is your bro's hand larger than your sis? HAHAHA!

I guess the hotel's staff will hate us, because in just one night, we can make the room a total mess, totally a mess, I don't know why! Maybe this is what people call it as "Turning of over a new leaf", erhem I mean a new room....HAHA

Okay, gonna end this post with a photo of my dad and his fatboy. Oh ya and my ney ney (the bear) too! HAHAHA.

We actually went shopping and had seafood before we head back to Ipoh but there's not much things to blog so... yea...


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