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My younger sis was snatched by a motorist yesterday at Jalan Sultan Yusuff, Ipoh. Luckily she was not injured! It happened to my mum last time and now my sister. The world is so sick now! I don't know why all these people wanted to rob others and hurt them! Why can't they find themselves a job or to earn money the proper way. All they ever wanted was to grab things from others which they do pay alot of effort to get their valuables! Such an idiotic devil! They got only one gate to go when they are dead, HELL. Just wait and see! God will show you one day! You, son of bitch! "Morons like YOU are why people have middle fingers!"

Enough of those robbers, thieves or what so ever! So my sis went to the police station at Jalan Pasir Puteh, Ipoh to report on this incident and you know what the police said to her? She said it's all my sis fault because she didn't take good care of her bag!!! WTF? Are you fucking serious? So the person who rob is doing the right thing? If the person who wants to rob you already decided what to do, he can rob you by doing anything he want, he can even take out a gun and shoot you in the face. Don't you think what you said is totally bullshit? Just see if you can say the same thing if this happen to your family!!

I don't really understand why the police will say that, is it she mean that my sis deserves to be rob? It's your job to make the world a better place, to keep the city peace and safe,  and also to stop crime from happening but just look at what is happening to the city? Before this, Ipoh is "quite" a safe place, but now not anymore. Instead of blaming my sister why don't you just go out patrolling all of the targeted place and not to be seated at the station or hinting for kopi duit at the road side! What exactly do you want my sis to do? Shoot the robber with some spider web or keep on getting angry so that she can turn into the Hulk and smash his motor? If the robber helds a knife, are you going to say this is her fault too because she didn't bring along a gun?? FUCK YOU!

No one deserve to be hurt or gets injured! No one wants to be rob too okay? Do you think my sis is happy with it? It doesn't mean people who is rich or with big bags is not alert enough or deserve to be rob! If the place is safe enough no crime can happen! EVEN IF YOUR FACE DO LOOK SHITTY, CAN ANYONE JUST GO OUT AND HIT YOU ON THE FACE? NO! THEY WONT & THEY WOULD PROBABLY NEVER DO THAT!! Get it???

I don't know what is the reason that causes the police to be angry, is it maybe she need to write out a report and to carry duty petrol, or it's time for her to go back,  so she just throw her temper at my sis but I really don't think this attitude should came out from her! A police which is a good example to the nation of how a heroic human being can be or patriotic a person can be showing such attitude is really a disgrace. Such an inhuman and inconsideration person! We never expect or hope that you can bring us back the money or the person who rob our sis, but please respect others and also yourself. It's your duty! Yes, eventhough my sis wasn't alert enough it still doesn't mean the robber has the rights to rob her and what you do to her is a not a duty, as a POLICE!! You can just simply ADVISE or CALM her down, and this would probably make her day better after such shocking day. Who would know after being rob, you will be scolded by POLICE!!!! Wow, this is totally insane, the level of accepting this situation/reaction from the POLICE is totally rubbish.

I'm really fucking disappointed with Malaysia and our police! From the way you do things, you are just making everyone scared of going out and to always not to go to the police station. Our society is really sick! DAFUQ! Seriously! Our country is kinda hopeless!

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