Girls' Generation X Baby-G!

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If you did follow me on my Instagram, I'm sure your news feed will be spam by the photo that I posted yesterday! Just because I'm too excited HAHA! Incase you don't know about it, I received a surprise gift from my bf yesterday which a Baby-G (BA-111GGB) Green / Turquoise.

There's actually a 'behind the scene' story about this gift one lolll. I already plan to get myself a Baby-G at the first quarter of the year because I saw my sister got hers and they are so pretty! But then I couldn't find any "love at first sight" on the current model , so I just forget about it and put it aside for a while. It's just that, I never thought my Bf will keep this in his mind and had been searching for some good one for me!

The one that he got for me is actually a model that Casio collaborated with Girls’ Generation for an exclusive line of Baby-G timepieces in celebration of its 20th anniversary this year! 

The limited edition Baby-G BA-111GG range comes in three colours, black (BA-111GGA), green (BA-111GGB) and orange (BA-111GGC), with engraved back plates featuring the signatures of Girls’ Generation stars Yoona, Seohyun, Sooyoung, Tiffany, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Taeyeon, Jessica and Sunny.

The packaging of the box is super pretty too with signatures from the group! But somehow, they wrote it in Korean which I can't really understand! HAHAHA

A mini custom easel with photo of Yoona, Tiffany and Taeyeon.

Oh ya, It's a limited model thou! I think all girls fancy with the word 'LIMITED'?  :P

Even the metal case is also surrounded/wrapped with photo of Girl's Generation! I think it's really a must piece of collection for SNSD fans!

And here's the photo of my new Baby-G! See! Eventhough they call it green but it does look like turquoise colour in real! Which is my fav color and also one of the reason why Bf got this for me!

Mine actually features engraved signatures of Tiffany, Yuri and Hyoyeon on the back plate! All 3 models come with a different signatures of the group member on the back plate!

With light on! :D

Yea, so what do you think about my Baby-G? I really do love it because it's so unique and this colour is really so special compared with others! Thank you my baby boy for getting me this! hehehe :D I wanna do a lil photoshoot with it but bf is not around, no one can help me with this now :(  So maybe next time? I guess you guys will see 'her' appearing in my photo alot in the near future :P

Btw, I think my shooting skill improve quite a lot? I took all of these photo by myself with only one hand holding the camera because, the other hand is the model for this shot. HAHAHA!

Thanks for reading! ❤ ♡ ❤ ♡


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