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Not sure whether you guys heard about ESCAPE before, It's an apps by Celcom! ESCAPE allow user to enjoy the best movie, video, event and many more on laptop, tablet or smartphone! It's compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows now! It's like we cant watch movie anytime, anywhere, IT'S AN ESCAPE.

This is how the apps look like :) Featuring Jackie Chan as their latest spokesperson, we can find various and tons of Jackie's movie from Drunken Master to the all time famous, Rush Hour 2 & 3. I'm sure you guys would like to watch back all those nostalgic and excited movie by Jackie Chan.

There are more than 500 movie with a variety of Hollywood, Korean, Indonesian, Hindi and local movies.
It includes all sorts of movie genres like Action, Thriller, Comedy, Drama, Horror and romance! Of course, it also showcase LIVE show, Tv Series, Concerts, Red Carpet Events and more are also included!

Besides, there is also a list of popular and featured movie, feel free to look at it if you got no idea what movie to watch :p I'm sure you will find your favourite.

This Evil Dead thumbnail freak me out when I playing with the apps HAHAHA but they really got alot of good movie to watch!! Watching this on my weekend.  =)

Even my bro's favourite Iron Man 3! Tony Stark the man.

Btw, You will need a pass to watch those movie or video. It's only from only 80 sen per hour!

What's even cool is that with the Pause & Play function, if you can't finished the movie at certain moment or a scene, you can pause the selected movie on one device and continue watching it on another device! So cool right So you will never miss out your favourite movie or show again!!! :D

All you need is to Search for "ESCnow" and download it! And then register yourself at ! Once they send you the code to your phone to verify your account and you are ready to ESCAPE!

*Exclusively for Celcom customers nationwide.

So what are you waiting for? Come and ESCAPE with me now! :D

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