1:27:00 AM

Hello, I'm back! Back from exam, back from food poisoning wtf! Don't know what I ate that cause me food poisoning! Whatever shit I ate my family and my bf ate too but I'm the only one who got food poisoning :(  But I don't get diarrhea, just that I keep on vomiting like 9887799778754 times and headache level reached 9999999999999999999 level!

Btw, I don't think that I got food poisoning but I feel like there's something in my head and it makes me headache!!!! I actually got Migraine before this, but this time it comes to me like everyday and continuously. :(

I might not be one who suffered the most these few days but BF is the one who suffered alot. HAHAHA. Everynight I can't really sleep well, and my head was like a time bomb! I will wakeup in the middle of the midnight and shout like a mad women screaming of pain. Bf was so caring! He will wake up and massage for me until I fall asleep! But when he was almost asleep, I will wake up again, shout or cry like a baby. So he tried to comfort and take care of me these few days and don't really get to sleep much. Thanks baby, love chu! ❤

Today I told bf that I'm in a love and hate relationship with food poisoning because it make me lose some weight in 2 days time! About 3kg I guess? HAHAHA. Because I really can't take in any food, once I eat I feel like puking them out :(

Anyway, I'm better right now but not fully recover yet! Just incase you guys miss me so here I am for a lil update :p


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