DIY Easy No Sew Crop Top Tutorial!

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Not sure if I saw it from Pinterest or somewhere before, Once I saw it, I'm really interested in making such DIY as below, a DIY crop top for yourself! *I always love DIY!  Besides, crop top is also one of the trend now! Easy to match some more! Paired up with a high waist shorts, long one or skirt also can! :D 

So I just tried it when I was free days ago! It was a super easy one! Here you go! ;)

All you need is a tank top or a T-shirt and scissor! Oh ya, you need your hand too wtf HAHAHA :))  Since this is my first try, I choose a loose tank top that I don't really wear anymore for this "experiment".  I also suggest you guys to use your old tank top or T shirt as you might failed on you first try :(

AHHH! You might also need a ruler or whatever to align the tank top as we are going to cut it!!! :-SS  Cool huh my super long hanger? HAHA :p

Measure the top part of the tank top that can fit and cover your boobs LOL. Leave some extra length so that is is stretchable when you wear it. Then cut your top like mine.

 I was very lazy, no patient and only think as a experiment so I didn't cut it properly, it should be straight and not a jerky line, Sowie :(  You guys should hold the bottom part hardly and cut it into straight line! You can also measure the width before you cut them, so you won't get the same like mine, all width different one LOL.

Take out 2 to 3 pieces of them and tie a knot! Front and back too! Better start with both corners, and tie the knot starting with the front and back piece, so that ur crop top is connected. Oh ya, Remember DON'T tie it too hard!!! Because when you wear it it will stretch and the knot might get loose or split! *just like mine wtf

When you're done, you will get something like this :)

So again, repeat the same step but this time you can add more pieces of them, 3 or 4 should be okay! ;)  Repeat the same step for a few rounds!

Like this! Again, I'm super lazy so I just did them in 3 rounds LOL. I suggest you guys to do more! Five or more maybe? It's up to you hehe.

When you think thats enough, cut the extra length!

And Tadaa! Done! Look kinda pretty right? I love it so much! But as you can see, I tie them too tight! When I'm trying to wear it, it can't fit in my boobs HAHAHAHAHA then the knot become so tiny and split :(  But it's okay right? It was only my first try! Consider a successful one lol!


Gentle reminder:
1. Leave some extra length before you cut the top.  *More length if your boobs is huge Oops :p
2. Don't tie them too tight!

Enjoy reading. XOXO.

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