Dear Haters, XOXO.

4:56:00 PM

There's alot of people out there loving us and also a number of people hating us without reason LOL. We can't control how people think about us but we can choose the way to treat them, the HATERS.

1. Power Up and Revenge!

Do whatever they did to you but pay the double of it to them lollll. Sometimes they are really ridiculous and make us feel like going to burst! It really make us mad and wanna let them feel the same! Revenge, may let us express our feeling but somehow I don't think this is really a good way. Most of them will get more excited when you revenge because they get your attention and this is what they want! HAHAHA.

Besides, if we did the same thing like what they did, it will just make us into becoming the same type of people like them! *but of course some of them really need some lesson!  >:)

2. Don't Give A Damn and Appreciate Them.

Haters do not need reason to hate us. They might hate us just because of their jealousy. They wanna be like us but they can't, so they try to make our life harder. They hate us because we are the reflection of what they wish to be HAHAHA :p  Sometimes I'm really frustrated on what they did but when I think of we can only hear them but we can't see them, so why you wanna argue with something similar to the air? LOL.

Love your haters because they are your biggest fans! Eventhough they hate you, but they still pay attention on you. So much love isn't? We should really appreciate them! And through them, we can know something or some story about us that even ourselves dont know but they know! LOL. Maybe it's not really interesting but surely it will be a new thing to us. =))

I do hate somebody too :p , so I understand no matter what he/she do, I will also think that's bullshit. Haters, I got you! Thats why I will never do anything that will lead to the way you want or to make you happy. Btw, Haters is always my motivation! I know they wanted to see me fail so my best revenge is to be success! :)

Hey Haters, If you trying to grab attention from me. Yes, You did it! But sorry to tell you, I don't give a fuck! I'm imperfect but still thanks for your attention. :(

The last thing for my haters,

The face that you probably hate the most lol. Peace yo! XOXO :-*

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