Kate Makeup Workshop.

9:43:00 PM

Was invited to Kate Makeup Workshop at Pavilion last Sunday. Yayy!! My first time attending makeup workshop! Thanks to Nuffnang for the invitation! :D

Kate Malaysia had invited the Makeup Artist Mikiya Hirai from Japan to come over and share some tips with us! The workshop will basically covered on how to create OL and also Party Look.

 The event started around 10.30 am.

 Mr. Mikiya Hirai :)

Once I go in, my eyes can only see this! Makeup Remover! I'm like OMG! Please don't ask me to remove makeup! HAHAHA. And it was so lucky that they never ask us to remove it :p

Mr. Mikiya Hirai with the model of the day. After he demonstrated the OL and Party Look for us, they gave us some time to play around with the products  :p

Not only we can learn some makeup tips, we can also try on all the product range that they had prepared for us!

 Different type of products with different kind of colours! I want all of them!!

I always love their product! So happy that I'm able to play and test with all these awesome products! Lucky girl!!

Their latest collection of eyeshadows for their Spring Summer Collection 2013 -  Goldish eyes. Their eyeshadow contain 0.1% of gold! Not joking, it's made of real gold!

Shiny Eyelid Liner. Draw a shiny liner at the lower eyelid is a trend now and they said it can help you to create teary eyes lol.

Not sure whether you can spot the shiny eyeliner on my lower eyelid or not but I love it so much!

Slim Create Powder. It can create a tighter looking contoured face with light and shade, works best on selca. I want this so so much :(

Messy table after a few round of test and tested :p

Powderless liquid. It's a liquid foundation that will turn into powder in 15seconds! No more sticky feeling on the face!

I also tried on the Lip gloss. Color was good but I don't like the sticky feel :(

With pretty Melissa and Joanne. Mel is so cute, she asked me whether the mole on my face is real or I draw it myself and it look sexy. HAHAHAHAHA. She make me laugh like shit! =))

 Le Joanne!

 Snow white Povy and me :)

My baby Jessica was there too! ♡♡♡

Lumi, Jessica and yours truly. Love Lumi's cotton candy purple hair so much and she is so mini one!!!

Kate also prepared some refreshments for us! Sweet huh?

 Oh yea, we also received some doorgift from Kate! Thanks Kate!!!  How can we don't love Kate? :p

Powderless liquie, Cover Concealer, Slim Gel Pencil (BR-1) and also the Goldish eyes (WT-1)! The Slim Gel Pencil is really so slim HAHAHA and it's so easy to use on drawing our eyes! But it will be better if I got the black one :(  Actually I got the PK-1 for the Goldish eyes but Povy loves Pink and I think that I don't really use the pink eyeshadow so we exchanged lol.

Freshel All-in-one Whitening Gel! Lotion + Essence + Emulsion + Cream + Moisturising makeup base. 5 functions in one item! It suits me the most and also for those who are busy and lazy one :p

Freshel Moisture Lotion and Kate BB gel cream.

 Lastly, the #OOTD . ♡


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