KakaoTalk Press Conference.

12:16:00 PM

Yeah, was invited to KakaoTalk Press Conference last week. Not sure if you guys know about KakaoTalk but recently their TVC was broadcast on TV quite oftenly.

If you haven't watch it, here you go! Big Bang is their ambassador! Cool huh?

GD Oppa's version :p

So the press conference was held at Times Square Hotel! Thanks Joanne's papa for fetching me that day hehe and Jessica was there too! :D 

Simple OOTD.

Say Hi to my new love!!!

A photo with Big Bang? HAHAHA

The event started quite late so, yea! Selca :p

So, KakaoTalk is actually a new mobile messenger apps and its free!

U know what? KakaoTalk allow us to add 5000 people into a group chat. Yes, not 50 or 500 but 5k! We were so shocked when we heard about this!!! But too bad, I don't have that much friend HAHAHA

Kakaotalk also allow user to create poll!!!

So you friend can vote!! So fun right? Now we can decide where to eat by voting. No more asking,  "Eh, where to eat today??" HAHA

See what poll did Joanne created HAHAHA

Another fun features that others app don't have is that you can create an event like what you can did in Facebook but all this can be done in KakaoTalk now. Wedding event or birthday party? You decide.

The most interesting part! You can actually purchase something online and send to your Kakao friends. Starbucks is one of the brand! If I'm not mistaken this feature is not available yet but coming soon!

Another features that make me love this apps is that they have the BigBang stickers!!!! *scream!!! Besides, the alert tone for the notification of the apps sounds like "Kaoooootukkkkk!" So cute one!

So concentrate ho? :p

Me and 2 babes ♡

Lunch Time hehee

So, Download KakaoTalk and add me now? :p

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