He is six now!

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19 Oct, Friday was my lil bro birthday and now he is 6 :D Me and bf rush back home after class to celebrate with him. We bought him a lot of present and hide it before we celebrate his birthday at night hohoho. He received a lot of present of his fellow classmate as well! I asked him why will your friend remember your birthday everytime and he answer me: because they never forget lollllll! Then I asked him again: So, do you remember your friend's birthday? And he just: hmmm... Jie Jie you see this you see that. HAHAHA so cute!

We fetch him from school that day, but we didn't show him his present, we just gave him a box of strawberry and said: this is your present, happy birthday! He looks a little bit disappointed but he still say thanks me lolll.

 Once we reached home, he can't wait to unwrap the presents that he received from his classmates already -.- The most funniest thing is that, before he even unwrap, he already know what is inside all the present. He know he will get a dinosaur toy from his friend, but then when he can't find it, he shout and said: Hey! My friend told me there's a dinosaur toy, why I can't find it? He cheated me! :(  LOL

 This bug! His teacher bought it for him! Don't you feel like it look so familiar? HAHA

It look like my bro in the bee costume that I posted in previous post HAHAHA. I can't stop laughing! Keep saying this is him! haha

This donut, scare a shit out of him, he thought it was some kind of monster or "shit" because it was brown and he threw it before he even unwrap the whole thing. I like this donut so much! I ask him to give it to me but he said cannot! #heartbroken After he unwrapped all the presents, he look at me and said: Jie jie... Thanks for your present too. The strawberry.. OMG! Make me feel so warm and useless!!I thought he will blame me for buying a crappy present for him!

Bf and I really can't wait to show him the present that we bought so I asked bf to give him 1 of his toys first :p and bf also can't wait to fight with him using the sword. Both of them are like samurai in the house!

 Give the not-so-good one to him first :p Bro called it as Ninja Knife wtf haha

He don't like a 6 years old kid in this pic!!

We wait for papa to come back and make the opening ceremony :p But when Papa came back, bro was playing his puzzle that time! He wanna finish the whole puzzle first and then only celebrate -.-

 Bro's birthday cake. I don't know why my mum bought so big one #-o

And this cake made specially for my mum ahhaha. It's a plain vegetarian cake.

 Waited for too long [-(

 And finally he wanna cut the cake! We all sing him a birthday song :D He asked me whether that the picture of angry bird on the cake can eat or not, he even use his hand to touch it lololol.

After that, Bf and I ask him to close his eyes and make a wish while I quickly run to get the present :p

 Bf give him this super sword! He is so happy!!

 And then I gave him another present again! You can see how surprise he is with his emotion! So cute!!! 3 present in one day and 3 times the surprise!! HAHA

My dad asked me why we always buy him gun and knife? Want him to be gangster is it? HAHAHA.

Okay, I know my face look so blur in this photo and my eyes look so cacat but bro is too cute!! So.. nevermind la :p

My sister didn't come back this week but she still bought bro a present too. She uploaded the picture of the present and asked me to show it to my bro. When I show it, he act like so calm and said: hmm.. I have this toy already! HAHAHA. I can't stop laughing!!!! Albee Tang, You are soooo failed!!!!!! HAHAHA  =))

Yesterday this kid represent his school to perform at Ipoh Parade, The butterfly and bee dance again lol

This is the bee costume that mention just now. He didn't cry this time and he put make up as well lol. When I saw him, I asked him why did you draw an eyeliner like me hahaha. :p After the performance, he feel very uncomfortable with the bee costume so he ask bf to bring him for a change hahaha. That day after the performance he became a Devil because of a game that he lose while playing the iPhone. Gosh!!! Sometimes he is so cute but sometimes he make me feel like wanna kill him! He is the devil most of the time!!!  >:)

 Don't know whether you guys got spot my pink hair or not :P And I cut my fringe again :D

Dyed it last 2 weeks. Didn't blog about it because I dyed my hair quite often and I think nobody wanna read bout it anymore! :( But this time is different with the previous one!! I only dyed the inner part of my hair this time lolll :p I like it so much!  How bout you? :p

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