Dating with Piggy.

10:37:00 PM

Went Jusco with my piggy yesterday. It's the first time we met in real life lol. Can't believe I blog about it so fast! HAHA. Because piggy said my blog is so dusty so I must update frequently!

Almost overslept yesterday, I set my alarm at 9.30am, somehow I feel like I sleep for so long already but why won't the alarm sound!!??  Imposibleee! Then I wake up and find my phone. Gosh! When I look at the time, it is already 10am! I checked back the alarm and found out my alarm was at 9.30PM ! OMG, why am I so careless? Luckily I can feel my piggy calling my name and wake up myself lol lol lol.

Our date is on 12pm but I already spent 45 minutes choosing my outfitt :-S, still I make it on time! #sopro My piggy is so tall and she even wear heels! for me? I wear flat only zzz. Super big different if we talk about our height lol. We went Wok Sifu to have our brunch on that day.

My Mushroom Pork Chop. It doesn't look like pork chop and I don't know got pasta somemore lol. I cant  finish it because the pork meat is quite salty and the sauce is tasteless! Their mushroom soup is much more better! :-O

Piggy's Mushroom Fish Fillet. The reason why she choose fish fillet is so funny haha :p

Although it is just the first time we met, we were like close friend already, non stop talking haha. Actually at first I was quite worried that we wont have the same topic to talk on lol. I wont tell you that we actually stay at Wok Sifu for 3 hours just chit chating non stop! HAHA.

And then we walked around to check out some wedges because piggy wanna get one for herself. My job is stick with her just like a bf lol but we can't find any nice one. hmmp.. #missionfailed

The next is the best and a must activity for all girls, haha. Yes, Camho :p

I keep on repeating "piggy piggy" but I never show you guys who is my piggy lol. Hello, This is my piggy! She is Shini ! ♥♥♥ Most of the pictures were taken using my cam and this is also the reason why I blog so fast. All the resources and pictures are with me. HAHA Piggy must be waiting for these pictures as well. :p  Even though it is my cam, I'm not very familiar with the function and my hand keep on shaking when I try to hold it. I tried to capture some of photos with it but every picture is so blur, only the picture below is fine  =)) But when I take the picture, I can't see whether both of us got fit into the screen or not, and then suddenly a random girl said: "kanan kanan!" Make us both laugh like shit and feel so pai seh haha.

We both prefer to take picture on the same angle and the same side of our face lol. Thats why during that time we kept changing our position to find the best angle. We actually wear the same color too! ♥♥♥

 Don't you feel like my hand look like a sausage?? HAHA

 Left and right ;)

 She look so cute in this picture and I look like : ouucchh! So smelly! *coz in the toilet* hahahha :))

Piggy mouth! :-* She kept on calling me donut and said I look so round, even my lips! Really meh?  :-/

And then we went to Secret Recipe for some tea and cake because we got no place to go already! Chit Chat again :)

They were having tea time special promotion. A cup of tea or coffee will be given for any dine-in with purchase of one slice of cake at 3-6pm. We both go for tea :D

You see, she is so happy with the cake :p

We stay there until 6 something and say bye bye to each other :)

While waiting for bf  to come and fetch me back, I went to Watson and have a look. I really just want to have a look but end up buying a lot of mask zzz. I just can't stop buying Biore's pore pack! Why they must have so many limited edition one! :( This few thing costs me RM70 and I forget to bring my watson card! Arrrhhhh! Piggy, You shouldn't back haha!

 Random picture of my DIY nail art of the month. :x

So happy to meet you, my piggy!!! Can't wait to meet you again. Miss ya :)

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