Dead Town.

10:19:00 PM

I'm here, the dead town, kampar :(  New semester starts tomorrow. I use like forever to pack my things today. Already more than 6 months I didn't buy a T-shirt, I really don't know what to wear to campus! Kill me please!  

If you're here, I'm sure you can't imagine how dirty and dusty my hostel is. The toilet is the scariest part! Have you ever seen a complete white toilet bowl turn into black color before? ~X( Luckily mum ask someone to come and help me clean my room last week! :( It's like a complete make over for my room.

I really don't feel like coming back!!! I am used to the life in KL and Ipoh. Here got nothing besides bubble tea -.- I got no place to eat nice cake, less choice of food, no entertainment, no reason to doll up myself, can't even sleep until I wake up automatically cause I need to start attending class, and most importantly there  is no heater here! Damn it! I hate bathing in cold water!!! :(

This semester, my group and I will have to finish up our FYP, and we will have to carry out the pilot test soon, soooo stress! Why is it so fast that I have to say bye bye to my princess/queen's life? :(

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