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8:50:00 PM

LOL~ i l0ng time din update my bl0g ad..
super lazy ==

hmm..finished final exam ad..
finished foundation ad...
exam..hmm..nt reli OK T^T

if i get 1D i can back ip0h ad.hahahha
last 2 sem keep main here n thr,g0 thr n here.. din study at all
my cgpa nt cukup 2.0 la...!!
bt i thk i can g0 f0r degree gua... i thk la. hahaha
wish me go0d luck!!!

dad say after i back ip0h he buy me car.
but i thk mayb not la.
c0z tat day he repair lorry oso alm0st 10 thousand he told me..
and my hs electric so pro..1300+
sum0re i wana g0 for degree nx month..
wan use mani money la..
but i oso nt reli veri veri wan car..
i sked drive ==
but i wana buy camera.LOL
dad ask me help him buy 1 wor
he say he wan buy l0ng time ad..
dun0 he wan capture apa ==

mum b4 say whn i bday she buy me perfume.
i say ok la..
thn nw she say if i get nice result buy me wo
ok oso la.
but my fren gona gift me ad.
so i thk i wana take cash frm my mum. it is beter!! haahha
i need $$$!!!

during STUDY WEEK, my dear bring me g0 KL sh0p.
like i mention b4..1 sem once.
hmm..din buy much tonhg la..
only 2 dress, 1 bag , 1 wallet , 1 tshirt , 1 perfume
buy f0r my mum 2 tshirt , 1bag
my sis 1 pant..
me n dear g0 main roller coaster..
i shout like shit! but quite nice c0z be with him..LOL

during exam.
i everyday oso 6am slp
or din sleep at all thn terus g0 U f0r exam.
s0 pro rite?
bt n0w my dark eye circle is super super dark ge l0r.
s0 sad..!!!

last day in kampar = exam finished tat day
finished exam we went t0 tesco,
makan , main ,buy..!!
i g0 test my weight..~!
i wear l0ng jeans and makan full = 42.3kg
LOL..i thking my stomach izit gt worm???!!!!
dad say wana bring me g0 f0r a bl0od test.
c0z i sudenly thin al0t T^T
at nite i cook f0r cemei n dear,
n cook a apple soup too..
cemei say she wana drink wa..

the othe day i balik ip0h.
dear mm sek dak me wa..hahah
but he will c0me ip0h find me de

thn t0day leh.. i went out with my dear niyen , ah bii and oso my sis
we plan g0 sing K punya
but h0r mani ppl wo..public holiday mah..
so we sh0p lo..
i use rm 250..
wuhuhu..bankrap ad
but i havent buy all the thg i wan ==
and h0r, i saw a leopard cl0th so nice punya lo.
but the cuting gt abit weird.
and NO NEW de..
s0 i din buy!!
t0day tat rm 250 is all only f0r face!!
wat the ar..
and i f0rget buy f0r my b0dy de sudah ..
stupid d0u ar = =
but dun k ar.i wan b leng leng!! LOL

tmr.. yea~ gt plan ad ==
we main masak main at my h0me
niyen g0na c0ok f0r me..kaka

1 sem 0nly , my hair s0 l0ng ad ==
wana cut 0r let it l0ng? ==

我的dear yuri 我也是有想你的 好嗎?..

C.O.P.Y C.A.T always A.R.O.U.N.D!! shit u! 

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