♥ D.A.T.I.N.G .。

10:14:00 PM

t0day i went dating with my dear NIYEN. LOL. we g0 sh0p.
ytd i watch pps til 5 am..
t0day alm0st cant wake up ad la = =

ar0und 10.45am NIYEN sms me.
i 11.20am 0nli woke up.
thn cincai take a dress.
cant w0r,wear dress later susah try baju.
thn i choose tis, chg tat.
at last, i just wear a T-shirt and a sh0rt pant = =

ar0und 12+ pm , NIYEN c0me fetch me
we went greent0wn makan 1st ( ah bi cant j0in us t0day, c0z she nid take k her br0.haha XD )
mani ppl t0day.s0 susah parking wa..
but NIYEN driving  skill s0 pro de la.
after parking we went RESEARCH. c wana makan apa.haha

sudenly a guy came out.
and talk t0 us.
he ask we gt went f0r makeup class ornt?
we cakap: n0 lo ==
thn he say,wah.. u 2 pandai makeup. eyeliner s0 nice.u 2 eyes s0 nice.i like it.
we 2 just = SMILE =)
thn he say, hmm..im a makeup teacher frm insight.
just wana see if u 2 gt time,can u 2 c0me to b our makeup m0del..
and thn BLA BLA BLA.
thn he said wed wo..
c c 1st la..we many activity la..haha
we cepat g0 cari makan.s0 h0t la..

we makan at老地方.
we drink al0t soup.ahaha
next time we g0 h0tel eat ya =)

after makan start SHOP
sh0p s0 l0ng, tarak buy at all!!
all cl0th s0 big. cant buy la!!
mani nice 1..bt BIG!!
try ad. too big , like fei po la ==
NIYEN say : is time t0 gain s0me weight MAN!!

we went other place sh0p.
yea.i bought 1 cl0th!!
♥ ii SUPER LOVE it!!
NIYEN tak buy at all ==
she t0o slim la ..
sh0e oso din buy
we saw 1 highheel.. rm 500+
crazy LOL

back h0me i saw my toe g0t a wh0le eh!! my high heel la.. make my leg s0 pain!!
next time wana wear my leopard high heel g0 shop ad!!
0r wear my nike air max 1..
grrrhhh.. bleeding tim la..
NIYEN dear say dei sei wo.. c0z she wear slipper..  T^T

next stati0n.. dun0 whr..
NIYEN dear, i n0e my dad say his fren punya sh0p at whr ad ar. next time g0 find ha..
ahahhah XD


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