♥h0lidaySSSsss .。

1:40:00 AM

update back the daySss.。

♥9 may.。
my dear came ip0h find me =)
i n0e he miss me muchii.LOL
i 10.30 w0keup,bath and makeup.
12 sumthg my dear reach ip0h.tat time im makeup ing
i ch0ose cl0th oso used 1h0ur.haha.
he cal me. 0kay. i t0ld him my dad sh0p address.
he came by teksi.
i wana bring him t0 INDULGENCE. as i promised him =)

he reach my dad sh0p. im just finished.haha
aunty LILY fetch me g0 sh0p.
my dear saw me,his eyes is like @@
haha.c0z he nvr see i wear like tat.
i say hell0 to him. and he near me and say : oi.y u s0 pretty t0day?
haha..wat the.. i owiz pretty xD
he say he just cincai wear but i wear s0 nice ==

he daba0 ccf f0r my family.
thn we chat at sh0p awhile.
whn we wana cal teksi g0 indulgence.
my dad ask we drive his car g0.
d0nt leh.i scare == i d0nt kn0w parking.
my dad said: he n0e drive wat.
deng,he asked my dear drive.but n0t me.
0k juga lur.my dad teach him some basic bout his car.
thn we 2 went out.wuh0o~

his face s0 stupid.haha

veri susah we reach INDULGENCE.
he drive make me sweat al0t.GAN JIONG man!

m0thers day. al0t ppls

my dear crazy CAKE!
he wana order 2+ cake.sabar la.
he wana order tiramisu.slap!
i bought him b4.
mothers day,cake special.jgnlah makan tiramisu.
thn he order 1 cake.
i order 1 pizza.
but i eat 2 or 3 pieces onli. all he makan!

s0ftshell crab pizza!

lupa wat cake ad.== but nice =)

finished tis all.my dear kenyang til b0om ad.
i asked him,stil wana order?
he say full.
but i encourage him order!!!
s0 we order 1 m0re pasta.!

ink in ink! nice t0o..!

thn we take away 3 cakes.
1 f0r my mum,1 my sis and 1 f0r bi jie.
all rm 150+.h0h0

after tat, dear fetch me g0 greent0wn buy thg.
i buy a belt.last time i went thr with niyen dear,but i f0rget t0 buy it.haha
the stuff rmb me.LOL.say last time i see tat 1 finished ad.
nvm.i buy another =)
thn we back h0me
yea.my dear overnite at my hs.

we back h0me,mum ask us fetch her g0 tesc0.0k lur.
we g0. my br0 gila my dear。
keep wana ply with him.
thy g0 ply the pikachu.==
thn buy s0me makanan , we back h0me.

at nite dady ask dear fetch me out.t0 help him buy newspaper.
and we buy water too.whether h0t man!
whn we wana out, ah bi c0me.
ah bi n niyen came my hs overnite t0o.c0z the nx day we g0ing GENTING.
ah bi f0l0w we g0 buy water.
whn we reach ro0m,niyen dear at my hs ad=)
i acc dear watch football awhile thn we g0 slp.
c0z MU tak b0leh win sudah.haha..
the niyen n ah bi chat s0 loud at room.i can hear it at downstair ==

♥10 may.。
4.30 i w0keup.sleepy ar!!!!!!!
i found tat t0othpaste finished.
i cal dear.wana b0r0w frm his room.
he slp like pig! nvr ans my call!
i terpaksa g0 my mum room take.
thn i makeup n bla bla bla.
g0ing genting.i choose a mickey tshirt.haha

6am uncle reach.
we cepat cepat g0 in
thn uncle fetch ppls.
a baby gal like k0rean.pretty and cute!
thn we makan at simpang pulai.
the f0od.shit!
after makan.van fetch punya ppls chg,
thy keep talk! fuck it!
i cant slp!
reach genting,wat i d0 the first?
i find t0ilet! and thn v0mit!
i still rmb wat i saw in the 1st t0ilet! cant tahan! terus v0mit all thgs out!
haha,thn i makeup back s0me.
and thn i help dear wear lens.wana ply adult game ,cant wear spec.LOL

i n0e i smile s0 cacat.haha

n0t h0liday! but al0t ppl!
first first we wana warmup 1st.
we ply海盜船.haha.
tiz cal warmup? we sh0ut like shit!haha
but is fun. the pic cant see punya.
niyen dear tear oso wana out ad!LOL

nx game flying drag0n and bla bla bla.
aftern0on we went makan.

my rice =)

thn we g0 sh0p sh0p.
and c0ntinue ply
the m0st excited!

yes~! i like it!
whn g0 up.super high!
i keep cal niyen,but she ign0re me w0r.
thn sudenly...wuh00oo.
i shout awhile.
thn i cepat smile and posing.im crazy
yes,the pic im smiling eh=)
dear sh0ut like shit! shout frm his heart! hahahah!
me and dear g0t ply superman too.
dear sked i n0e.hhahaha
bc0z time punya problem,we din ply the most pro roler coaster.
nvm.NX  TIME we g0 agen !! yeah ~

we g0 in sh0p agen.buy buy buy.
sum0re 3g my sis.ask her wan wat.LOL
thn 5pm back.
tired.slp in van wh0le journey.
c0z i sked vomit agen.haha
the uncle s0 funi 1.haha.

reach h0me,aunty lily saw me,she terkejut.
she thk we overnite thr.haha
thn niyen dear n ah bi back h0me l0r.
me,dear and my br0 ply water gun at h0me.haha

thn at nite.dear fetch me g0 buy supper.
dady oso wana eat.haha
dear buy mee and oso mix fruit. cheap bla la tat mix fruit!
i eat螺.i eat al0t ar==

dear bought 12may punya ticket nack h0met0wn.
but my mum ask him stay 1 more day.my mum help him take ticket g0 chg.
haha.frendly gila!

♥11 may.。
dear wake me up at 12pm.
bath,dress,makeup ==
dady drive his car c0me back.
haha.wana gv us drive out.dady use m0tor.hahaha
he tak ada license punya eh.pro dady

1 pm dear fetch me g0 shop.
his u-turn! sked me!
take laptop t0 my mum.
my dad clerk say dear handsem.v0mit.haha
thn we g0 skul fetch my sis.
i went in take my spm result 0so.
sis fren said me pretty l0r.hahahahah.hapi sei.she jeles xD

thn we went jusc0.
buy ticket.
we watched IRON MAN2.
nt bad.he s0 yeng!haha
thn we sh0p.
i bought my sis a NIKE shirt.
thn i b0ught my mum a DIAMOND EARING.
i n0e my mum is finding a new earing.
last 2 year i bought her 1.diamond too.
she l0st 1 side.==
s0 i bought her agen.f0r mothers day present.
yea,im bankrap! haha

but we late back h0me.
dady waiting his car.
s0 sked get scold.
but 0fc0z my dad c my manja face,he cant scold me.
and my mum super hapi.she say she like the earing much =)

at nite,haha.
supper agen la.
dady too!
i bring him g0 buy a nice burger! and my dad wan set!
after tat,we g0 t0ng sui street buy mix fruit.
ytd tat 1 nt nice,i wana bring him buy a nicer 1!
wow.he like it much! and thr burger and set too.hahha

dear,i n0e u miss it! hahah

♥12 may.。
same l0r.12pm dear wake me up.
bath,dress,makeup ==
fetch my sis .
we went h0tel makan lunch =)
nice gila l0r!!!!!! fresh fresh fresh!!!!!!!!!!

too nice.hand shaking.hahaha

we eat al0t salm0n and oyster.haha
he came in female toilet wa==

♥ my new cloth! i super like!

back h0me,
steamb0at! still full la..==
dear and me g0 tesc0 buy my favourite toufu!
whn back,u n0e wat hapen!
my dear drive int0 a 1way road
i gan jiong til wan crazy ad!
thn i wh0leday tak cakap dgn dia
c0z he tak berhati hati!!!

g0 back eat al0tttttt..thn back r0om main.
he say s0ry,wana cry sudah.hahaha
0k la,i f0rgv him.=)

♥13 may.。
tis day nvr g0 out.
dear wana back at 6.
i sked we g0 out will be late.
but aunty lily say: miss bus oso ok wat.i fetch him back la.near 0nli la..
sum0re my mum tel my grandpa he is my bf.wat the ar.,
shy 1 la ==

we 2 order mcd delivery as lunch.
we makan at h0me.watch tv at h0me =)
sweet to0。
5sumthg dear fetch me g0 shop,
thn dad fetch him g0 bus station.
b4 tat dad g0 shell,he scold the worker.
s0 man.dear terkejut.haha
say bye bye with dear at bus station.

after tat dear msg me say bus havent start j0urney,
he started miss me and my family,wana take teksi c0me back.
haha.cute gila..=)

1month h0liday! the m0st hapi day is the days with U,my dear ♥

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  1. hi,ur dear here..haha..this month is the most happiest holiday i ever have..which is when im with you..all that day and moment we are together is like so fun and sweet and i dont want it to end,it would be nice if we can do this everyday every second but surely only with you..my beloved one..♥ you!!!!!!!!

    PS: Your gini gini tell me they ♥ you too!!! XD

  2. waaaaa.. dar dar
    so sweet ler u
    stay sweet sweet n hangfuk yea
    i miss u
    long time no chat.

  3. dear, tmr im back.yeah.miss u =)

    dar dar,haha.i n0e u and ur b0y sweet too=)
    stay it too ya.hehe
    miss u too wa,super l0ng tak chat ==