Moonshot is L.O.V.E!

5:47:00 PM

Went Taiwan for a week with bf and his family for a short getaway. I didn't feel as excited as before, probably because I just went there like 6 months ago? HAHA! It feels like I'm back to a familiar place and it feels really good to go back. Besides, I was there as a 'tourist guide' as I'm the only one who can read Chinese among them so I was pretty stressful :P  But Taiwan is such a beautiful place with beautiful people! I don't really mind going there again and again! Hopefully I can finish blogging about my BKK trip which I took forever to blog about and after that I will be blog about my Taiwan Trip hehe!

Anyway, it's been awhile since my last cosmetic review and I'm back with this one lol wtf. If you are a kpop fans, you should know about Moonshot! Moonshot is the first beauty brand by YG Entertainment! Yea, exactly that "YG" that pop up in your mind! Big Bang, 2ne1, Winner ......

We don't have any flagship store in Malaysia for now but we can get their products from Sephora (offline & online) now OMG!

There are 2 types of cushion by Moonshot which is the Moonflash Cushion and Microfit Cushion (mine). FYI, both cushion selling at RM110 each and RM72 for the refill.

Moonflash Cushion is the cushion with Milky Pink texture which boosts the look of dull skin and luminizes with invisible pearl. It can be used as both base coat and also top coat. My sister has one Moonflash Cushion and I tried it before. I used it as base coat but I don't feel much difference with it lolll.

On the other hand, the Microfit Cushion is actually a bb cushion with SPF 50+ PA+++. It can be use to express bright skin tone with anti-darkening formula. I go for shade 201 as the girl told me shade 101 is pretty light but my sister got shade 101 and I think 101 suits me even better thou. Will definitely go for shade 101 next time heh!

I have been complaining about the puff of bb cushion from other brand previously which they tend to tear off easily after a few application but this is so much different OMG! Been using it for months now but still very perfect and puffy!

Tbh, the coverage of this bb cushion was just average but the finishing lasts very long! Oh btw, Microfit Cushion was promoted by GD which is also one of the reason on why I bought this but I was amazed by the product itself and become their die heart fans now lolll. 

Another cosmetic that I can't live without! Dark Spot Concealer (RM90) by Moonshot is a gem. No joke! Been searching and trying with a lot of concealer but Moonshot's Dark Spot Concealer is by far the best for me. Coverage was great but still can't completely cover my dark eyes circle thou LOL. The texture is pretty creamy but very easy to spread. It won't dry out easily at the area that I apply (under-eye) like other brand does. Somemore the price is very affordable! 

The lightning was slightly different when I took both photos hmm but the differences on my under eye are still visible I guess?

I love this concealer so much that I almost finish using them. When I was too lazy to do a full make up, I will dab some concealer to cover the blemishes & dark eyes circle then I'm ready to go lolll. For me, a good concealer is even more important than a foundation or bb cushion. Gonna restock them soon!

I'm so in love with Moonshot and really wanted to try on their Cream Paint but I've promised bf that I won't buy any lips in the coming 4 months :(  Sponsor anyone? HAHAHA!

Finished my make up with adding on some fake freckles but you can hardly spot it in the photo :(  But still I don't wanna waste my shameless selfie. Enjoy with my selfie okay? HAHAHAHAHAH! So thick face :P



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