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My biggest hobby besides sleeping would be ...

Wait wait! It's not all about spending. There are a few advantages and why I like to shop online, such as ..

#1 I love Online Shopping because there are online exclusive! 
Online exclusive that I mention are like online discount code, online sales and things you can't get in physical shop! Great example like Hermo. They always have promotion code for us to get the best deal and also they carry a lot of great brand that we don't have in Malaysia. You can save way alot than what you can imagine by shopping online!

#2 I love Online Shopping because I don't have to go out!
I know I sound lazy but why bother going out when we can shop online? Furthermore postage are mostly free when you purchase for a certain amount I guess? Usually parcel will reach within 3 days which is pretty efficient isn't it? If you are working now, you should know the pain that it's almost impossible to shop on weekdays but online shopping got it fixed! Aww! Btw, I love the excitement moment when I receive and opening a parcels! YAYYY!

#3 I love Online Shopping because I love Shopback! 

What is so best about Shopback? Okay, Listen!

ShopBack helps you get the best deals and discounts for more than 300+ stores, plus Cashback! Speaking about Cashback, it means to give you back the real cash!! REAL CASH BRO!! Some of the website might offer us some voucher after purchased but most of them have their own deadline and we might not be able to use them on time. So, what is even better than CASH?! Nothing. Cash is the best HAHA!

I bet you are excited and can't wait to start your online shopping journey already? *wink Here we go! 

Step1 :

Sign up a account and take your pick from over 500 online merchants on Shopback. 

Here are some of the popular merchants! My top 3 gonna be Taobao, Zalora and also Hermo! Hmm I love ASOS and Sephora too HAHA! Oh Btw booking hotel at Agoda can earn you cash back too! I tried it before!

If you don't know where to shop, feel free to view the Top Deals of the day on Shopback to get your shopping list started :P  I have found some attractive deals these days that you might be interested! 

Step 2 :

Get redirected to the merchant's website.

Take Taobao as example. Simply copy the name of the item you want on Taobao and paste it in the search box and it will redirect you to Only items that appear will be awarded Cashback. No worries, there's a detailed shopping guide stated on the website. 

Step 3 :

Earn cashback! 

Once payment is confirm on the merchant’s site, your cash back will automatically added to your ShopBack account within a few days. When it's redeemable, you can cash out the money via transfer to your local bank account. And that's it! Pretty simple right!

Look! That's RM90+ in my account already lolll. Told ya! Its's the best site to earn cashback for online shopping! I totally can't think of any reason of you not starting to use Shopback today!

Lastly, don't say I didn't share. Click >>HERE<<  to sign up and you will get RM5 as bonus! *kisses

Happy Shopping loves!!



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