Soft Launch Cafe @ Sri Petaling

6:28:00 PM

Put your hands up if you loves waffle too!!! *ME! ME! ME!

Being attracted by the photos of the waffles from this new cafe on Facebook. It's Soft Launch Cafe that is located in Sri Petaling which is super near to my place! How can I not pay a visit :P  Too much nice food around my place fml!

It was a weekday but still full house! The interior of the cafe is pretty simple and clean! Lightning is good for photos too hehe. You can choose to be seated outdoor or indoor and obviously I was keen to be seated indoor  (aircon)  HAHA.

Remember your table number cuz you're gonna order your food at the counter :P 

Tadaa! My Strawberry Waffle! Strawberry is my weakness OMG! It's quite similar with the Strawberry Waffle from The Daily Grind in Bangsar. The only different is that Soft Launch Cafe's Strawberry Waffle didn't come with any ice cream. I personally prefer waffle from Soft Launch Cafe because it's more flurry and soft! 

However, I prefer to eat with ice cream so Bf went to order a soft serve for me. Unfortunately, they do not have Vanilla flavour :(  Chocolate doesn't really match well with the waffle but at least there's some ice cream :P 

Happy girl with her waffle!

Today's spotlight gonna be this! The Chicken Waffle! 

Their fried chicken was so so good!!! Very juicy and tender. Officially one of my fav fried chicken now! Bf loves it so much that he even wanted to take away their fried chicken lolololll

Fried Chicken Carbonara! Chicken was good, again lol. Combination of Carbonara with Fried Chicken was pretty good too. 

Bf and I missed their fried chicken so much that we actually paid another visit last week but ... the food was disappointing! D:   Their fried chicken was a little bit salty for my preference and the waffle was really bad. It was like kinda wet and soggy on the inside. I can't even finish half of the waffle :(   

Surprisingly, the Blue (Lychee) and Pink (Strawberry) Lemonade were really good. 

Anyway, hope they can maintain their food quality, just like the first time I visited them! Give me back the tasty fried chicken please :( 

Soft Launch Cafe & Dessert 
Address: 101-1, Jln Radin Bagus, Sri Petaling, 
57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-9054 8686 
Opening Hours: Sun – Thurs (11.00am – 10.00pm) || Fri & Sat (11.00am – 11.00pm)



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