Hi 2015!

11:24:00 PM

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! It's my first post in 2015! :D Can't believe it's already 2015 and also can't believe I'm 23.5 years old now wtf! Birthday on June so still can't say I'm 24 okay? HAHAHA. Age is going to be a secret for me starting from this year. Not gonna answer if anyone of you ask me how old am I again :P

I guess everyone had fun last night but not me. NYE is just another usual night for me. I was just staying home, but not my dad who even went out with his friends :| I don't even know when the clock hits 12am until my gf whatsapp me lolll. My aunty life comes early or what? HAHA

A lot of ups and downs in my 2014 and I just hope 2015 could be better. Not pleasing for a super great 2015 without any hard times because I know life is like a roller coaster. It must have some ups and downs to make our life complete and also to let us learn! But I hope 2015 will have lesser 'downs' or the downs can just pass just real quick if there is any..*touchwood HAHA! What I want to see the most in this new year is that everyone can be healthy and happy! You will find healthy and happiness become more important when one is growing up, really.

Not gonna write any resolution of my 2015 because I realise it's just nothing if I didn't work hard to achieve them. So I will just keep them for myself :P

What you guys wanted to read more or see from me in this 2015? heheh! Anyway, wishing you guys here a very amazing and fabulous 2015!


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