Dining Under the Sea at iMiirage!

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Can I start the post with my shameless selfie? HAHA :P

Like what my title say! Bf and I had our romantic dinner under the sea at iMiirage last sunday! Okay la, not really under the sea but partially, yea we had our dinner under the sea wtf HAHA.  iMiirage is a new restaurant that just started their business this month. They claimed that they are The World's first Ambience Dining Restaurant and it's located at my hometown, Ipoh! If you are quite active on Facebook, you should probably came across articles about iMiirage already, as there had been so many people sharing them on Facebook!

On the other hand, Bf is not really active on social media so he didn't know anything about iMiirage and I decided to bring him there and give him a surprise! I made our reservation online and pre-order the food one week before the actual dinner date. It's because I heard that it is always fully booked and if you make your reservation online, you will get 25% discount so why not! I strongly recommend you guys to make reservation before you go there, especially on weekend or holidays because initially I wanted to book on Saturday night and while I was discussing the menu with bf, it was fully booked  :(  So we have to go on a Sunday dinner.

Took this panorama photo to show you guys how the restaurant basically looks like. Can you see those fishes around me? Told ya, It's under the sea! HAHA. It's actually a HD LED Screen that projects a virtual environment surrounding , which I think the concept is fresh and pretty cool! They have a few themes and those themes will change every 3 months! I heard that they will be Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong and so on!

Seats are quite limited and thats why, make reservations! HAHA :P

You can also view their menu on their website and they have choice of ala carte and also set meal for you to choose. Bf and I took a different set meal, so that we can both try a different taste.

Bf go for the 5 course Duck Set! (RM97.50)

It all started with the appetizer, Salade Aux Noix with Crispy Bacon & Walnuts. Since it's an appetizer, of coz it appetizing enough for you to eat. It's a mixture of a sweet sauce with crispy bacon. A mixture of sweet and salty. Basically, it tasted good and the vege is really fresh.

The second dish for this set would be Mushroom Soup with bread and butter. I have to say that I love their mushroom soup! Not all mushroom soup can satisfy me because I don't like soup that is too creamy or too thick..loll. This was just alright! The mushroom soup tasted very fresh! But I was quite disappointed with their bread, nothing much to say about it. I only take a few bite thou :|  Bread wise, can be improved. :(

Main Course - Pan Fried Fillet of Duck With Truffled Honey and Red Wine Sauce. There was a small incident on this dish whereby bf found that the duck breast wasn't fully cooked and it smells bloody! We don't really know whether it's meant to be like that or what but we didn't had any medium rare duck before lollll and we just can't accept the taste of blood like seriously so we asked them to cook it again. They were friendly enough to help us. :)

Dark Choc Torte and Tea! The fillings is soft enough it melts in your mouth. Not too sweet and not too bitter. Something light and perfect to fill that dessert stomach of yours.

Done with bf's and now's my turn! I go for 5 Course Sea Bass Set (RM112.50)
Smoked Salmon Salad.

I don't usually take salad but this is good. I finished everything lolll. Smoked Salmon was really fresh! Smoked perfectly.

My set meal also comes with mushroom soup heheh. I want more!!!!

My main course - Chilean Sea Bass “Bonne Femme” Baked in White Wine! This was really good! It tasted more like a Chinese cuisine thou, probably because of the sauce that they have.. lolll but the sauce is really good, as well as the sea bass too! They promise to have the freshest food and I think it was real! Bf was really envy with this dish of mine.. HAHAHA :P

I go for Cheese Cake instead of Chocolate and I also prefer cheese cake more compared to bf's Choco cake because we were quite full and I think chocolate is just too much for me. Somehow, both cakes turn out to be good.

Bf was really surprise once he entered the restaurant as I never gave him any hints before that. He tot they were real fishes... wtf HAHA. The ambience was really interesting while the price for the meal can be said to be above average if it's in Ipoh but I think it was okay for a dining under the sea experience. The 270 degree screen really does bring you the feeling of dining under the sea, even though it wasn't that HD enough lolll. It was quite dark in the restaurant which brings a romantic feeling but bad for good photos HAHA. Food was good but nothing much to shoutout. :| Anyway, I think it still worth a visit since it's The World's First Ambience Dining Restaurant? hehehhh.

iMiirage Restaurant
Address: 2-15 Ipoh SoHo, Jalan Sultan Iskandar, Ipoh, Perak
Contact: 05-241 2361
Business Hour:  Lunch 11:45am - 2.30pm | Dinner 6pm - 10pm
Website: http://imiirage.com/
Facebook: IMiirage


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