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Hi everyone! Firstly I would like to thank everyone who bought my pre-loved/ brand new clothes! Sounds like a speech huh HAHA. Didn't sell off everything but really thanks to you guys and also to the people who didn't buy anything but spent time reading the post hehehe. I was quite worried no one will be interested with my clothes lolll. If you haven't, you can still take a look at HERE

Let's get back to today's topic :P Since I haven't get back any of my Taiwan Trip photos :( , I shall start blogging about my trip to Bangkok. Damn lucky to find that the photos are still with me!  I love Bangkok so much and I always say that Bangkok is my 'second hometown' because I would like to go back often if I can! As what others said, Bangkok is really a shopping heaven and this is one of the biggest reason why I love Bangkok. Besides, everything there is affordable! Of coz, when compared to a few years back, it was really cheap. Anyway, I visited Bangkok again last year hehehe. I won't blog it as a day by day post, but I will only highlight things that I haven't blog before because some of the places that I've visited were the same. It's useless to post it anyway.

Btw, I will start off with my outfit post hehehe!


See through long sleeve top in Grey from Huiiclosett
Shorts from Times Square


Number Cropped Sweater from Sungei Wang
Shorts from Taiwan
Shades from Bkk 
Pink Studded Sneaker from Taiwan


White Cropped Sweater from sister
Black Skort from Taiwan
Pink Bag from Forever 21
Necklace from H&M

#Day 4 

Stripped Cropped Top from Huiiclosett
Boyfriend Ripped Jeans from BKK
Shades from BKK


Skull Cropped Top from I.S.O.S
Studded Shorts from Times Square

I dressed soooo fugly on Day 6, which is the day we came back. I didn't really bother about my outfit cuz I'm just heading back to the airport lollll. Bf called me as a Sweater / Long Sleeve Top Lover! If you realise, I actually wore different sweater or long sleeve top on almost everyday HAHA. I love them because they are comfortable and also help to hide my fat arms and tummy! My secret weapon hehehe :P

Till then.


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