Starhill Tea Salon @ Starhill Gallery.

10:16:00 PM

Tell me, what girls love to do most when they are together? Selca, Shopping, K session, Talking..... Yea, we girls can always talk non stop lolololll. So what is the perfect thing to match a girl talking and tittle-tattle session? Definitely High Tea is the one! 

The day before Jay Chou's Concert, I actually met with my girls, Jessica & Joanne! :D Trap in jam for like 2 hours! Damn angry and I feel like not going anymore but my girls said they will wait for me! How sweet!

Hello! :)

 Showing my nail art of the month!

 Outfit of the day!

 We went Starhill Tea Salon to indulge some afternoon tea!

 Is me again HAHAHA.

While waiting for the tea set....

 Baby Jessica and yours truly.

 Me and Baby Joanne.

3 of us! You won't know how many photos we took on that day! More than hundreds! #girlsbeinggirls So I choose some of them and combine them together or else this post will be full of our faces HAHAHA :))

For the tea, we go for Earl Grey if not mistaken. I don't remember already but I still remember how sweet the tea taste! Jess put in alot of sugar!!! Sweet like her, you can imagine how sweet it is LOL.

English Afternoon Tea Set.

The lovely part among all HAHAHA.


Normal Sandwiches!  This is kinda different from what I saw from other's blog =______=

So... Selca with the Tea Set again LOLOLOLLL.

Hello Macaron! Macaron always looks good but they never taste good! Too sweet!!! :(

We actually take turn to selca with my Pinku! My Pinku is full of their faces! Make my Pinku also start to lag already HAHAHA. Girls power huh!

HAHAHA! Jess look sexy here! :p

We actually took photos with 8 international poses lollll. We look so funny with the poses because we were using the shutter speed mode and it was too fast that we couldn't have enough time to think for the poses :p

Cute or not? HAHAHA. I feel so young to be with them! *I'm the eldest one among 3 of us!  :(  But they never abandon me and still love me! I don't care! I know you guys love me :p

See how happy I am! I think Jess was singing S.H.E song to me that time HAHAHAHAHA! Best song ever! =))

Fav Fake Candid took by Joanne! Love it!!

It was really a happy day for me! They make me laugh so much that day and I miss them so much!!!! :( Don't know when can we meet again! :(

The tea set was average for me and most of all their services is poor! Their waitress was like don't have the intention to serve us and her expression, was the best, not even a smiling face! The lazy look. Kinda disappointed you know! Maybe because of our young faces :p or our outfit! But they shouldn't judge people by their outlook right? We are customer what! Especially when we asked them is there any available table, during that few minutes, they ignore us and just let us be there waiting by the side! Not sure will pay a second visit or not but If yes, I hope they can improve their services!!!! :(  But when it comes to ambience and environment, it was pretty good! :D

Starhill Tea Salon
Ground Floor
Starhill Gallery
181 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : +603 2719 8550    
Fax : +603 2715 7000
Opening hours :  Monday - Sunday : 10am - 1am

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