Can't get enough of PURPLE.

8:22:00 PM

It's been sometimes I didn't dye my hair *not really maybe? Everyone know I love to dye my hair. My friends used to say everytime they see me I also with new hair color one HAHA. Anyway, my hair grow quite fast, except my fringe, so I got pudding hair in such a short time. I want a dark purple at first, I think that dark tone hair look healthier! But then the outcome wasn't like what I expect LOL. 

It comes out with the light purple and it's still a ombre hair wtf. Quite even isn't?

Bf even help me to trim my damaged ends, he is super talented right? :D

This is the only photo that he took for me and it looks okay HAHAHA. His talent is only on hair, he should really go and attend some photography classes :p Bf, don't be sad, practice make perfect okay? HAHAHAHAHA :))

Since he can't take any nice photo of me, so I have to selca myself and this post will be flooded with my selca. If you don't want to see it, you can go to the [X] now and come back next time! :p

Draw a little star on my cheek :p

The top part now is actually Ash brown, abit green too but the photo barely capture the actual color :(

My current fringe length is really annoying! Any tips to help my fringe grow faster??

I used to flip my fringe like that recently because they are too annoying! But I hate my forehead, too high! :(

My hair length is really shorter compare to last time but I prefer this length! Because the previous one look so "heavy". :-S

My caption: HAHAHAHAHA :p

My nose looks good here LOL

Finally done!! Don't hate my face please. HAHAHAHA =))


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