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Haloha everyone! :D Recently I'm just so free and was staying at home everyday, watching drama, sleeping , eating and keep on repeating all these cycle LOL.  Remember the Bruises Makeup that I did before? You can read it HERE if you don't know about it. So that day I got some inspiration and tried to do another make up which I never try before. 

 Kate's Slim Gel Pencil (BR-1) 

Kate's Goldish eyes (WT-1)

I utilise the time I got and play with all these stuff. I got them from the previous Kate Makeup Workshop :)  It's the right time to try them out huh? hehehe.

I think most of my friend know I love safari prints a lot, especially the leopard print!!! So yea, the makeup is inspired by the leopard print :p

Okay, Picture time! :D

Tadaa!! HAHAHA =))

I even wear a leopard print top to match with the makeup! :))

The close up!

The color of the eyeshadow is not really that obvious if you see them from far. I should make it darker! hmm..

It's like a lot of polka dots on my eyelids? LOLOLOLLL =))

Wild enough? HAHAHAHAHA

Octopus lipsssss :*

Rawrrrr!!! LOL

Actually I quite like the outcome :p but still need alot of improvement la. Ofcourse I won't go out with this makeup unless there is some party or photoshoot lollll. I like to try different kind of makeup and it's just for fun okay? #whysoserious  \m/

Alright, That's it! Bye B-)

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