Creative Writing Workshop @ IACT College.

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 I was invited to the Creative Writing Workshop at IACT College last saturday. My first time into attending such workshop that is related to writing and honestly I really learn alot that day!

IACT College which is located at Jaya One Commercial Centre in Seksyen 13, Petaling Jaya. FYI, IACT = Institute Advertising Communication Training. A dream place to study with great environment and great food.

The workshop started with a quick brief by the Manager of Marketing Department, Mark Grunden.

 And the workshop was conducted by the Academic Director, Mr. Nicholas Lee.

During that workshop, participants include students and Bloggers.

The workshop actually teaches us how to do creative writing in a way of expressing things differently yet creative. The first activity that we were involved in was asked by Mr. Nicholas where we were required to write down one word to describe ourself and also to draw an object that can represent or symbolizes us. I was so nervous because he chooses some of us to share it infront of everyone. I was so lucky to escape that he didn't pick me :p And this Jessica is so daring to say that the one word that describe her is 'CUTE' HAHAHA. Okay la, she is really cute! *love

Incase you want to know what word I wrote, the one word I wrote was "Shop" and the object that symbolizes me is "Fishball". I love shopping and my face look so round, just like a fish ball, easy? HAHAHA

The next activity was to write about "My Life" in 5 lines. You can say that this topic is a super easy one but its also the hardest one! You just don't know how nervous I am that moment because I wasn't picked to SHARE the one word and represent object thing, so I'm sure the next one would be me to share 'My Life' on the 5 lines that they require us to write down. Unfortunatly, nobody was called out. LOL. For me it feels  feel so awkward to talk infront of so many people! I'm a shy person *lowselfconfident And also I got no idea on what to write! 5 lines is just to short isn't? :p So, this seriously shows that the workshop really helps me into deep thinking when I was about to write, even it takes only 5 LINES.

 Jessica was looking for inspiration and Joanne was looking at my camera! =))

They even teaches us on plot lines and how story is developed. I don't know anything about plot lines or characteristic of a story before this! But on that next day I went for a movie with bf and I was like "Hmm.. The story don't have a great climax, it was just so so!" HAHAHA. A pro now huh? :p Learn it from the creative writing workshop.

Creating our own character and drawing it out was the best activity of the day for me! We need to create our own character by writing their characteristic and pass it to our partner. With that, they will have to draw out a character based on what we wrote! Sound interesting huh?

My drawing! HAHAHA. A girl named Jesslynn that was created by Joanne. This activity teaches us to understand that a slight detail of a story is so important because what you write may not be the same as what other imagine or think but with more details, people can understand even more! A simple activity but do tells alot!

After all the activities, we went for a campus tour! :D

 Some of the awesome works by IACT students!

 The Green Screen! Heard about it long time ago, but this is the first time seeing it.

Our Family Portrait!

 The recording room!

 Want this!!!!

Their library is just so so so pretty! Their bookshelf is damn awesome, it looks kinda like those bookshelf that was used in some drama or movie. lolll.

Fake candid :p

Pretty or not?!!!!! Truly an inspiring place to study and get some ideas.

 They also prepared us McD for refreshments! :D

See what I got? :D

With Lumi ♡♡♡

My girls ♡♡♡

Oh ya, IACT will also be organising some upcoming workshop like Marketing,vAudio Recording, Photography, Digital Design, and 3D Design. :) Be sure to join their workshop as it is worthy of a workshop to join and learn.

Gonna end this post with a video, Oppa IACT Style. They are crazy and fun together! I can really feel that they are like one family with a harmony atmosphere through this video! 

For more info, kindly visit 
Facebook  Twitter ❥ Youtube  Pinterest Instagram : @IACTCollege

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